Moore Media Records

Produce and promote local music in Moore Media Records (MMR). Students find local musicians and release their music in sampler projects. Students record, mix and master all MMR recordings, and produce the artwork and videos for music promotion. Then we have a promotion team that organizes events and strategies to gain listeners for the music. Many types of creative people come together to make this organization a truly beneficial experience

Moore Media Records logo.

Moore Media Records operates a demo service for local bands and musicians. Students gain recording, mixing and mastering experience, while musicians gain a demo recording. MMR also owns a PA system for local concerts and live events. So if you love music and want to produce and promote it, Moore Media Records is the place for you.

What is MMR?

MMR operates a demo service for local bands and musicians and puts on several concerts per year. Our EDM and Hip Hop shows featuring CMU student talent have been very successful.