Presentation Skills Center

Our presentation skills center (PSC) provide technological facilities and instructional expertise to students seeking to develop and enhance the presentation skills vital for personal and professional success. These skills enrich your life and will help you to actively participate in public discourse as global citizens.

With consultations available face-to-face and online, the PSC supports undergraduate and graduate students with public speaking, debate, group presentations, sales pitches, interviews, and more. The PSC provides opportunities for creating and enhancing the content and delivery of speeches, rehearsing presentations, offering detailed feedback on performances, refining persuasive appeals, and managing stage fright/communication apprehension.

Set Up a Consultation

Visit the presentation skills center:

Location: Park Library 308
Sundays to Wednesdays | 3pm to 8pm

A faculty member shows a student how to use the virtual reality headset for the presentation skills center.