We shape the world around us

Sculpture gives you the ability to manipulate materials into visual form, and CMU has some of the best facilities to do it in.

When you work in the sculpture area, you will be part of a dynamic, interdisciplinary environment where we help you create your own voice. Our curriculum is designed to teach you both traditional skills of seeing and making, as well as mastering current emergent technologies, such as CNC fabrication, digital automation, and modern mold-making and casting techniques to name a few.

There are two routes you can take with sculpture at CMU. Analog or Digital. With Introduction to Sculpture, you will begin with a solid foundation of hands-on, practical instruction in methods and materials, tools, and machinery. If you choose the digital route, Intro to Digital Fabrication will give you instructions on how to design and use the latest software and equipment in that field.  As you advance to Sculpture Studio, you will utilize all those foundational skills to stretch the boundaries of your work with conceptual explorations that place your projects within the framework of contemporary art-making.

Our state-of-the-art sculpture facilities allow you to explore all forms of sculpture making. Experienced and dedicated faculty and staff provide you with individual support and guidance as you realize your own ideas as a contemporary sculptor.