Studio Art

YOU can become a working artist and maker with a BFA or BAA degree in the studio art major.

We will prepare you to become a working artist and maker in facilities that are unrivaled in the region. You will learn from faculty who are seasoned working artists and who exhibit their work around the world as well as teach in the classroom. Their goal is to share their knowledge and experience with you to help you develop and refine your own artistic, analytical, and interpretive abilities.

As a Studio Art student, you can either focus on one medium or customize your own studio experience by taking classes in a number of different areas. Our Areas of Focus are built to help you cultivate a rich and dynamic relationship to art, while giving you the real-world skills and perspective required to pursue a career in the visual arts.

Foundational coursework in an area of focus gives you a firsthand understanding of the principles of art, as well as a critical perspective of art in practice and as a profession. You're able to take classes specific to your interests, gaining a thorough understanding of the materials and emerging technologies related to your area(s) of study. 

Areas of Focus

 Ceramics, Painting and Drawing, Photography, Printmaking, and Sculpture. 

Additionally, you are also able to add classes in Art History, Animation, & Graphic Design.

As a Studio Arts major, you'll launch your career, create a prolific studio practice, and/or seek graduate programs to continue your studies in the arts.

How CMU set up Lydia for future artistic success