School of Communication, Journalism, and Media Alumni

Meet talented and accomplished School of Communication, Journalism, and Media alumni who are leaders in their fields.

Headshot of Jeanne Ambrose in front of a brick wall.
Jeanne Ambrose '76
BA Journalism
Editor and writer at Handcrafted Words

Headshot of Catherine Bodak with a soft blue backdrop.
Catherine Bodak '10
Meteorology and
Broadcast & Cinematic Arts 

FOX19 Meteorologist

Headshot of Jay Beckman on a brown backdrop.
Jay Beckman - Deceased '84
BAA Broadcast & Cinematic Arts
Owner/Photographer of CrossWind Images

Headshot of Lester Booker with a brown pin striped wall behind him.
Lester Booker, Jr. ‘08
BAA Broadcast & Cinematic Arts
VP of DEI Communications at
Citizens Financial Group, Inc.

Lester Booker, Jr. - Why I Chose CMU

Headshot of Talia Brookshire on a bright blue backdrop.
Talia Brookshire '06
BAA Integrative Public Relations
Chief Diversity Officer at
Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island

Headshot of Christine Cashen on a soft grey backdrop.
Christine Cashen '89
Interpersonal Communication major and
Broadcast & Cinematic Arts minor

Motivational Speaker

Headshot of Kirkland Crawford on a white backdrop.
Kirkland Crawford ‘06
BAA Broadcast & Cinematic Arts
Sports Editor at the Detroit Free Press

Headshot of Andrew Dost. He's wearing a tan shirt with a blue jacket.
Andrew Dost '05
BS Journalism/Advertising
Former member of the indie rock band Fun
Current instructor at Interlochen Arts Academy

Headshot of Ed Fernandez with a light grey backdrop.
Ed Fernandez '84
BAA Broadcast & Cinematic Arts
Vice President of Operations at
The E.W. Scripps Company

Headshot of Larry Joe Campbell on a soft teal backdrop.
Larry Joe Campbell '92
BAA Broadcast & Cinematic Arts
Theatre & Interpretation


Headshot of Kim Clarke on a white backdrop.
Kim Clarke '82
BA Journalism and Sociology
Director of Executive Communications at
the University of Michigan

Headshot of Jason Dizik with a grey backdrop.
Jason Dizik ‘08
BAA Broadcast & Cinematic Arts
Producer for Bally Sports

Headshot of Bowen Dou with a sky blue backdrop.
Bowen Dou '07
MA Broadcast & Cinematic Arts
Vice President
International Production at ESPN

Headshot of Matt Franklin with a grey, red and blue lined pattern in the background.
Matt Franklin ‘04
BAA Broadcast & Cinematic Arts
ABC12 News

Matt Franklin - Why I Chose CMU

John Grogan and his golden lab Marley posing under a tree on the grass.
John Grogan '79
BA Journalism and English


Headshot of Brett Holey with a dark grey backdrop.
Brett Holey '82
BAA Broadcast & Cinematic Arts

Senior Director for NBC News

Headshot of Zachary Huffman. You can see a landscape with a lake in the background.
Zachary Huffman ‘18
MA Media Management
Founder and CEO of Hyvion

Headshot of Roger Hitts. He's holding a cube with a 25 on it. There's a computer in the background.
Roger Hitts
Freelance Journalist and Editor
American Media

Headshot of Tricia Hoover on a light grey backdrop.
Tricia Hoover ‘95
BAA Broadcast & Cinematic Arts
VP, Executive producer, The Martin Agency

Headshot of Scott Huver in front of a grey brick wall.
Scott Huver ‘91
BAA Broadcast & Cinematic Arts
Entertainment Journalist

Zach Huffman - Why I Chose CMU

Headshot of Joel Lecz on a bright blue backdrop.
Joe Lecz ‘00
BAA Broadcast & Cinematic Arts
Emmy-nominated Producer

Headshot of Nikki Little. She is leaning against a white wall with black polka dots.
Nikki Little ‘06
BAA Integrative Public Relations
Senior VP at Franco

Photo of Jake May dressed in a tie and suspenders, sitting on the stairs.
Jake May
Pulitzer prize winning

Headshot of Carter Oosterhouse with a grey backdrop.
Carter Oosterhouse '00
BAA Interpersonal


David Parrish in a tuxedo standing in front of a black Emmy Awards backdrop.David Parrish - '91
BAA Broadcast & Cinematic Arts
Emmy-winning Producer and
Platform Manager for NBC Chicago

Headshot of Matt Shepard. He's dressed in a dark blue suit.
Matt Shepard '88
BAA Broadcast & Cinematic Arts

Sports Broadcaster for FOX

Greyscale headshot of Lem Tucker.
Lem Tucker - Deceased '60
BA Journalism

Headshot of Gary Lico with a grey backdrop.
Gary Lico ‘75
BAA Broadcast & Cinematic Arts

Headshot of Chad Livengood with a dark grey backdrop.
Chad Livengood ‘05
BS Journalism
Politics editor and columnist at The Detroit News

Headshot of Colleen Newvine. She's wearing a dark teal jacket.
Colleen Newvine ‘92
BS Journalism
Product Manager of AP Stylebook

Headshot of Sarah Opperman with a white and gold backdrop.
Sarah Opperman ‘81
BS Bus Admin and Journalism
Chair of the Board for
Isabella Bank Corporation and Isabella Bank

Headshot of Tim Roberts. He is in the tv control room. You can see several screens behind him.
Tim Roberts '82
Broadcast & Cinematic Arts 

Producer for CBS News

Headshot of Brad Slaight. He's wearing a blue shirt and tie.
Brad Slaight '76
BSeD Speech