About the School of Communication, Journalism, and Media

The new School of Communication, Journalism and Media (SCJM) combines many related disciplines into a new academic unit that will allow faculty to collaborate and explore the ways that these disciplines interact and how those collaborations can strengthen your experience and education. Our goals in the creation of SCJM were to remove organizational barriers to innovation in course content, instruction, and the development of co-curricular offerings in these disciplines.

A collage of students from SCJM. One is a student presenting on a stage. Another is a student interviewing a peer. The third is two students working with a television camera in the studio.

SCJM combines the department of communication and the department of journalism with the school of broadcast and cinematic arts into a new structure that allows faculty to move across areas and disciplines in their research and instruction, and provides flexibility and support to explore ways to provide students with breadth and depth of understanding in multiple areas.

The results of this new organization can already be seen with the introduction of the Social Media Certificate which focuses on research and analytics of social media, developing content for personal and professional communications, and creating, editing, and using media towards that goal. In addition, we have brought back the Presentation Skills Center to help you develop your oral communication skills and will feature the use of virtual reality technology in that goal.