MA in Media Arts Program Details

Whether you want to transition to the classroom or work in the media industry, our graduate program provides the educational background to help you succeed. Our graduate courses are generally small, providing opportunities for extensive interaction and discussion among a cohort of graduate students and knowledgeable faculty.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Media Arts program offers a versatile Master of Arts degree that combines advanced theoretical and applied coursework. We offer four concentrations to meet your educational needs and career goals.


    You'll gain leadership, management and entrepreneurial knowledge of the electronic media industry through coursework, experienced faculty and visiting speakers. You'll also have the option to craft your own business plan as a final research project. And with access to one-on-on-one advising and entrepreneurship competitions, you'll be prepared for many careers in the electronic media industry. Alumni have gone on to pursue careers at ESPN, Saga Communications, Telemundo Studios, FOX TV 5, the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay and more.

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    You'll gain hands-on experience in audio and video production as well as advanced critical knowledge of the electronic media field. You'll have the chance to oversee campus radio and TV stations and teach audio lab courses for real-world experience. For your final research project, you can craft a creatively produced work to demonstrate your expertise to employers.

    Plus, you'll have access to state-of-the-art equipment, including:
    • Two HD FM radio stations with supporting production facilities.
    • A complete electronic cinematography production unit.
    • A 3-camera HD television studio.
    • A digital newsroom with three video editing stations.
    • An AV-6 based audio recording studio.

    Alumni have gone on to pursue careers at Middle East Broadcasting, PGA Tour Entertainment, National Geographic Wild, Independence Television, Brilliance Audio and more.

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    This concentration is ideal for those interested in acquiring a broad knowledge of the electronic media field. It is valuable for pursuing a doctorate degree as well as careers in business, administration and teaching. Alumni have gone on to pursue careers at ESPN, Adult Swim, Misericordia University, Radio Free Europe and more.

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    You'll study film theory, technique and narrative to gain in-depth critical knowledge of various film genres. Small classes led by award-winning film producers and critics create an immersive and rigorous learning environment. As your final project, you'll have the option to craft your own screenplay or write a critical research paper. Alumni have gone on to pursue careers at Black Butterfly Productions, Gold Pictures and more.

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    As a media arts student, you will:

    • Specialize in one of four concentrations: electronic media studies, electronic media management, electronic media production and film theory and criticism.
    • Gain valuable teaching experience as a GTA with a stipend and full tuition waiver.
    • Have the chance to acquire hands-on experience at our award-winning MHTV television station (channel 34 and channel 189), WMHW radio station (Mountain 91.5 and 101.1 The Beat), news programming (News Central 34 and Sports Central), or record label (Moore Media Records).
    • Develop teaching and research skills as preparation for nationally-recognized Ph.D. programs.

    Admission requirements: 

    • 2.7 GPA
    • Undergraduate transcripts
    • 2-3 Letters of Recommendation
    • Personal Statement
    • Demo reel (for Electronic Media Production concentration only)