Media Arts Internships

Internships are the best way to gain real-world experience, boost your resume, and acquire in-demand job skills. If you are interested in earning course credit for your job or internship experience, read the FAQ. More details and required forms are posted below.

Frequently asked questions

    Any paid or unpaid position in mass media, journalism, public relations, or media-related discipline can potentially be applied toward college credit.

    No. They are optional but can be used to fulfill an upper-level elective. Talk to your academic advisor about how you can most effectively apply for internship credits.

    Yes. Internship experiences replace traditional coursework, and you must pay the current per-credit-hour rate via the registration system.

    Undergraduate students are eligible for 1-6 credit internships. Graduate students are limited to 2-3 credits. Most people take 3-credits.

    It depends on how many credits you want to earn. The target rate is 50 hours per credit. For example, to earn 3 credits, you should work a minimum of 10 hours per week for 15 consecutive weeks. (About 150 hours work experience). Complete requirements are listed in the MEDIA ARTS INTERNSHIP GUIDELINES document above.

    You must be a declared media arts major with junior status or above and currently hold at least a 2.5 GPA.

    This part is up to you, it is the your responsibility to find a position. Check job listings online, reach out to people/organizations you are interested in, check LinkedIn etc. Media arts professors might also have contacts in the field. Just ask.

    Before you are allowed to register, your internship must be approved by 1) The media arts program and 2) Central Michigan University’s office of Licensure, Regulatory Services & Human Capital.

    1) For media arts guidelines, see the MEDIA ARTS INTERNSHIP GUIDELINES document linked above. To get started, submit a MEDIA ARTS INTERNSHIP APPLICATION, also linked above.

    2) For CMU, the agency you are interning with MUST sign an Affiliation Agreement with CMU. Check if your agency already has an agreement on file in the link above. If your agency/company is not listed, the AFFILIATION AGREEMENT linked above must be in place before you can register for credit.

    3) Once CMU approves the Affiliation Agreement, register and pay for BCA 529.

    All application documents need to be on file with the internship coordinator no later than two weeks prior to starting the internship. Ideally, internships should be planned well-advanced. Materials should be in place by November 1 for the Spring semester, April 1 for the Summer session, and August 1 for the Fall semester.

    Keep track of your hours and complete an end-of-semester project. You can choose between a reflection essay or a professional portfolio. See the BlackBoard site for BCA 529.