Musician's Wellness 

Musculoskeletal Health and Injury Treatment

- Colle​ge of Health Professions, ​“PT Hands for Health” program
- University Recreation, “Injury Care Center”
- Carls Center
  • Hearing evaluation
  • Physical therapy
  • Psychologist
  • Speech services
  • Autism screening
  • Musician’s ear plugs

Psychological Health

University Counseling Center

School of Music Students in Rehearsal

Performing Arts Medicine Association

PAMA is an organization comprised of dedicated medical professionals, artists, educators, and administrators with the common goal of improving the health care of the performing artist. The Performing Arts Medicine Association was founded in 1989. Members join from around the world. The association maintains an online bibliography focusing on the health problems of instrumental and vocal musicians, dancers and actors. It consists of citations from the medical, musical, and popular literature, with emphasis on clinical problems and relevant basic science in performing arts medicine. It also provides links to related web resources.

National Association for Music Education

Statement on Health in Music Education


Etymotic Earplugs are available for purchase in the School of Music through the Chippewa Marching Band.  Please contact Dr. James Batcheller for purchase information.


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