The Music Resource Center (MRC) is the listening library within the School of Music and is located on the ground floor of the Music Building in room 132. It is comprised of a collection of over 20,000 CDs and phonograph records, as well as a selection of music reference books and course reserve materials. In addition to these resources, the MRC houses audio and video equipment for in-house listening and viewing of materials. The Computer Aided Music Instruction Lab (CAMIL), which contains computers and various software products, is also located within the MRC and is for music major use. The main area of the MRC also has computers with Internet access and various word processing/presentation software programs.

Although the Music Resource Center is used primarily by faculty, staff, and students of the School of Music, all members of the CMU community and guests who hold current CMU library borrowing privileges are welcome to use the MRC and its materials.

Questions? Contact the MRC by calling 989-774-1948.

School of Music Archive Recordings

The MRC houses School of Music recordings of previous ensemble concerts, studio and area recitals, guest artists, and special events.  Recordings in the MRC date back to the mid-1990s.   Although most recordings are in CD format, some of the older items are on cassette.  Listening stations are provided in the MRC for using these materials. 

To search for School of Music recordings from 1994-2017, visit Park Library's search page.

To search for School of Music recordings beginning with 2018, visit the School of Music Archives database. You will be able to sign in as a guest and search the database.

Additionally, older recordings from 1962-1993 are housed at the Clarke Historical Library on campus. For those who are interested in researching these older recordings, the Clarke has provided a finding aid. You may take this finding aid to the Clarke and request to examine the items at their facility.