Media Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Since the founding of the Department of Journalism in 1959, its alumni and faculty have made significant professional contributions in print media, broadcast, public relations, advertising, and photography.  Since its incorporation into the College of the Arts and Media, we are now able to expand nominations to additional alumni and faculty who have made outstanding accomplishments in their chosen field.

Nomination criteria

The CMU Media Hall of Fame recognizes those who have made significant accomplishments/impact and innovation in their chosen field and, have remained true to the ethics and standards modeled at CMU.  The nominees must also have shown outstanding dedication to the communities they serve.

To nominate a School of Communication, Journalism, and Media graduate, retired faculty or staff member or a special friend of the Department for induction into the CMU Media Hall of Fame, submit the following information online by April 1, 2024.

  • Complete this online nomination form.
  • Nomination commentary, no more than three pages, addressing criteria numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4 as identified on this online nomination form.
  • Three to five letters of support, submitted via the online nomination form.

The Media Hall of Fame nomination criteria and induction guidelines

1. Alumni are eligible 20 years after graduation from Central Michigan University. Faculty and staff are eligible upon retirement. Those who leave CMU for other professional pursuits must have worked in the department at least five years. Honorary induction status may be awarded to special friends and supporters based on outstanding service and commitment to the School of Communication, Journalism, and Media and/or Student Media.

2. Candidates must have majored or minored in a degree from the School of Communication, Journalism, and Media, worked for Student Media or served as a faculty or staff member in the School of Communication, Journalism, and Media. Student Media includes all on-campus student media organizations.

3. Candidates must have demonstrated distinguished service to the media profession in television, print media, digital media, public relations, corporate communications, advertising, design, photography, radio, podcast, film etc. They must have upheld the ethics and standards that are part of the media heritage.

4. Candidates also must have demonstrated significant contributions to their communities in the form of public service or civic leadership.

5. Nominees must receive a minimum of three but no more than five letters of support from those within the profession and from those within their communities attesting to the candidate’s accomplishments. Other relevant documentation may be included. All documents must be submitted via the online form.

6. The Hall of Fame Selection Committee is composed of two members of the faculty in the School of Communication, Journalism, and Media and five alumni of the journalism, advertising, integrated public relations and broadcasting and cinematic arts programs.

7. Administration of the CMU Media Hall of Fame shall fall under the leadership of the School of Communication, Journalism, and Media, supported by members of the Media Hall of Fame operating committee.


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