Media Hall of Fame

The SCJM Media Hall of Fame was created in 2002 with the induction of Dr. Gilbert Maienknecht, founder of the Department of Journalism in 1959. Inclusion in the hall is open to those alumni and faculty who have made a difference in the world, who have remained true to the ethics and expectations modeled at Central Michigan University, and who have shown outstanding dedication to the communities they serve.

2023 Media Hall of Fame


Headshot of Kristina Hajjar wearing a dark blue blazer with arms folded against a soft grey backdrop.
Kristina Hajjar
1980 Journalism graduate
Director of Communications, Los Angeles County
Department of Public Social Services

Headshot of Dave LewAllen wearing a dark suit coat, light blue dress shirt and dark red tie against a bright white backdrop
Dave LewAllen
1979 Journalism graduate
Broadcaster/Anchor (retired)
Channel 7 (WXYZ)

Headshot of Steve Morse wearing a red, grey and blue collared shirt against a soft grey backdrop.
Steve Morse (posthumous)
1976 Journalism graduate
Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Jackson, Tampa Bay

Headshot of Brett Holey wearing a dark blue blazer and white dress shirt against a dark grey backdrop.
Brett Holey
1982 Broadcast and Cinematic Arts graduate
Senior Director
NBC News

Headshot of Joe Misiewicz wearing a dark blue blazer and red collared shirt against a soft maroon backdrop.
Joe Misiewicz
Broadcast and Cinematic Arts faculty 1976-1985
Professor Emeritus
Ball State University

Headshot of Leanna Smith wearing a dark blue blazer and white shirt against a light grey backdrop.
Leanne Smith
1983 Journalism graduate
Senior Editor
East Michigan News,


Headshot of John Barnes on a soft grey backdrop.
John Barnes
1981 graduate, CM Life alumnus,
Journalism projects editor, MLive Media Group
Metro editor, The Grand Rapids Press

Headshot of Fred Heumann in a newsroom.
Fred Heumann
1980 graduate
Sportscaster WLNS-TV Lansing
Sports reporter WXYZ-TV and WDIV-TV in Detroit

Headshot of John Hartman on a light grey backdrop.
John Hartman
Faculty journalism department 1984-2015
Columnist, Columbus Free Press
Adjunct professor, Kent State University-Stark

Headshot of Sheila Reinecke on a grey backdrop.
Sheila Reinecke
1983 graduate, CM Life alumnus
Major account executive, MLive Media Group
National account director, Advance Newspapers


Headshot of Tony Cervone on a blue backdrop.
Tony Cervone
1985 graduate
Senior Vice President, Global Communications
General Motors

Headshot of Ken Gal. There's a staircase and vase behind him.
Ken Gal
1978 graduate
CM Life alumnus
CEO Shiny Objects Marketing Inc.

Headshot of Colleen Newvine. She's wearing a dark teal jacket.
Colleen Newvine Tebeau
1992 graduate, CM Life reporter and editor
Associated Press Product Manager
AP Stylebook and marketing consultant

Greyscale headshot of Steve Fecht.
Steve Fecht
1980 graduate
News Photo Bureau
General Motors and Steve Fecht Photography

Headshot of Jim Harger with a blue backdrop.
Jim Harger
1976 graduate, CM Life alumnus
MLive Media Group-The Grand Rapids Press


Headshot of John Gonzalez in front of a banner for a television station.
John Gonzalez
CM Life alumnus
Travel reporter
MLive Media Group

Headshot of John McDonald in front of a white plaster wall.
John Martin McDonald
1979 graduate
Vice president of corporate communications
and public affairs, American Airlines

Headshot of Jim Hughes on a deep blue backdrop.
Jim Hughes
1979 graduate
Executive director

Greyscale headshot of Kathy Simon.
Kathy Simon
Assistant director of student media
Central Michigan Life


Headshot of Tom Henry. You can see a body of water behind him with trees along the horizon.
Tom Henry
1981 graduate, CM Life alumnus
Environmental and energy reporter
The (Toledo) Blade

Headshot of Peter Luke set in front of a blue backdrop.
Peter Luke
1983 graduate, CM Life alumnus
State politics reporter and columnist
Booth Newspapers/Mlive

Headshot of Sherry Knight. You can see golden leaves on a tree in the background.
Sherry Knight
1986 graduate, CM Life editor in chief
AVP, University Communications (former)
Central Michigan University

Headshot of Ken Stevens. You can see a house with fall-colored leaves in the background.
Ken Stevens
1985 graduate, CM Life alumnus
Multimedia specialist
The Muskegon Chronicle/Mlive


Headshot of Rick Fitzgerald with a backdrop of green leaves.
Rick Fitzgerald
1975 graduate, CM Life alumnus
Associate vice president for public affairs
University of Michigan

Greyscale headshot of Guy Meiss. There's a crooked white frame around the picture.
Guy T. Meiss
Faculty 1978-2002
Chair of journalism department 1999-2001
Faculty Association president, Academic Senate chairman

Greyscale headshot of Kelly Kolhagen. There's a crooked white frame around the picture.
Kelly Kolhagen Crawford
1981 graduate, CM Life alumna
Senior Vice President, Automotive communications

Greyscale headshot of Tim Smith. He's in a jacket and tie.
Tim Smith
1986 graduate, CM Life alumnus
CEO and owner
Skidmore Studio in Detroit


Headshot of Kallie Bila Michels on a soft grey backdrop.
Kallie Bila Michels
1985 graduate, CM Life alumna
Vice President for communications

Headshot of Wayne Kamidoi on a white backdrop.
Wayne Kamidoi
1987 graduate, CM Life alumnus
Art director
The New York Times

Tight close up on Neil Hopp's face.
Neil Hopp
1966 graduate, CM Life alumnus
Former CM Life adviser
newspaper publisher and editor

Headshot of Tom Marquardt on a white backdrop.
Tom Marquardt
1970 graduate, CM Life alumnus
The Capital of Annapolis, MD


Headshot of Kim Clarke on a white backdrop.
Kim Clarke
1982 graduate, CM Life alumna
Director of executive communications
University of Michigan

Headshot of Roger Hart on a soft turquoise backdrop.
Roger Hart
1980 graduate, CM Life alumnus
Executive Editor, Autoweek
Crain Communications

Headshot of Brad Flory on a soft grey backdrop.
Brad Flory
1980 graduate, CM Life alumnus
Retired reporter, columnist
Jackson Citizen Patriot

Headshot of Jim Vruggink on a black and blue backdrop.
Jim Vruggink
1970 graduate, CM Life alumnus
Trademark licensing manager
Purdue University


Headshot of Dale Duncan on a white backdrop.
Dale Duncan
1976 graduate, CM Life alumnus
Founder and owner
Maine Today Media

Greyscale headshot of Elliott Parker. He's wearing a jacket and tie.
Elliott Parker
Retired Journalism professor 1976-2007
Faculty, Department of Journalism

Headshot of Pete Engardio on a dark green backdrop.
Pete Engardio
1980 graduate, CM Life alumnus
Retired faculty
Department of Journalism

Greyscale headshot of Mary Ullmer. There's a crooked white frame around the picture.
Mary Ullmer
1984 graduate
Executive sports editor
Muskegon Chronicle


Greyscale headshot of Cathaleen Curtiss.
Cathaleen Curtiss
1980 graduate, CM Life alumna
Photo editor
America Online

Headshot of Keith Naughton. You can see the out of focus newsroom behind him.
Keith Naughton
1982 graduate, CM Life alumnus
Detroit News

Headshot of Dirk Milliman on a soft grey backdrop.
Dirk Milliman
1980 graduate, CM Life alumnus
Milliman Communications, Inc.

Headshot of John Palen. There's a bookshelf in the background.
John A. Palen
Faculty 1984-2009
Chair of the Department of Journalism 1993-1996
Reporter and founder, Midland Issues


Headshot of Jeff Caponigro. He's wearing a deep blue jacket.
Jeffrey R. Caponigro
1979 graduate
President and CEO
Caponigro Public Relations, Inc.

Headshot of Terry Foster, He is speaking into a microphone.
Terry Foster
1981 graduate
The Detroit News, Valenti & Foster radio show

Headshot of Betsy Pollard Rau with a dark grey backdrop.
Betsy Pollard Rau
1975 graduate
Retired journalism educator
H.H. Dow High School

Headshot of Matt Dobek with a white backdrop.
Matt Dobek
1981 graduate
Vice President of public relations
The Detroit Pistons

Headshot of Rick McKay. He's wearing a dress shirt and tie.
Rick McKay
1976 graduate
Deputy photo editor
The White House

Headshot of Monetta Richey Harr with a dark grey backdrop.
Monetta Richey Harr
1971 graduate
Retired staff writer
The Jackson Citizen Patriot


Michelle Bearden – 1976 graduate, CM Life alumna, Religion writer, The Tampa Tribune

Mike Green – Attended 1975-1980, CM Life alumnus, Photojournalist, The Associated Press

Sheila Gruber McLean – 1982 graduate, CM Life alumna, Public relations and communications, Manning, Selvage & Lee, Washington, D.C.

Randy Lovely – 1986 graduate, CM Life alumnus, Editor and Vice President of news, The Arizona Republic

Jim Reindl – 1978 graduate, CM Life alumnus, Director of major accounts, The Associated Press


John Grogan – 1979 graduate, CM Life alumnus, Author, Marley & Me

Steve Jessmore – 1981 graduate, CM Life alumnus, Director of photography, The Flint Journal

Lorrie Lynch – 1975 graduate, CM Life alumna, Senior editor and columnist, USA Weekend

C. Marshall Matlock – 1967 graduate, CM Life alumnus, Retired professor of newspaper design, Syracuse University


Norris Ingells – 1955 graduate, CM Life alumnus, Chief photographer, Lansing State Journal

Sarah Opperman – 1981 graduate, CM Life alumnus, Business vice president of public affairs, The Dow Chemical Company

Michael J. Petrick – Faculty 1978-2000, Chair of journalism department 1978-1983

Lem Tucker – 1960 graduate, Reporter, NBC, ABC and CBS


J. William Click – Department of Journalism faculty 1960-1965, Chair of the Department of Mass Communications, Winthrop University

Pamela S. Klein – 1977 graduate, CM Life alumnus, Vice president and chief operating officer, Hetrick Communications

Thomas R. Rood – Department of Journalism faculty 1970-1988, Chair, Department of Journalism 1984-1988

William George Serrin, Jr. – 1961 graduate, CM Life alumnus, Associate professor of journalism, Director of graduate studies, New York University

Alan D. Stuart – 1951 graduate, CM Life alumnus, President and owner, Stuart Communications


Russell L. Herron – Department of Journalism faculty 1959-1998, CM Life adviser 1962-1972

Neal R. Miller – 1960 graduate, CM Life alumnus, Editor and owner, Iosco County News and Oscoda Press

Suzanne Nichols – Faculty 1969-1992, CM Life adviser

Sandra Petykiewicz – CM Live alumna, Publisher, The Jackson Citizen Patriot

Guido Stempel III – Faculty 1957-1965, CM Life adviser, Director and graduate chairman, Ohio University

James Wieghart – Former chair to the journalism department, Executive editor, Daily News Washington


James Stanford Bradshaw – Faculty 1969-1983

James Hough – 1958 graduate, Retired columnist, Lansing State Journal

Ralph Langer – Former editor and executive vice president, The Dallas Morning News

David C. Smith – Editor-at-large, Ward’s Communications

Jim Wojcik – 1965 and 1968 graduate, Former director of CMU student publications 1972-2000


Gilbert R. Maienknecht – Founded journalism department, Chair of the journalism department 1959-1963