Why study communication?

A communication degree provides you with a versatile skill set applicable to various industries. Communication skills are crucial in fields such as public relations, marketing, journalism, social media, and more. Additionally, communication majors develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, media literacy, and personal growth through enhanced self-confidence, public speaking skills, and interpersonal connections. By studying communication, you will gain valuable skills that open doors to diverse career opportunities and equip you for success. Among the many areas of study are: public speaking, intercultural communication, business and organizational communication, interpersonal and group communication, debate and persuasion.


Our communication program addresses the complex nature of oral communication in its various forms.

The professional and academic goals for communication are the following:

  1. Generate an appreciation for and an ability to utilize communication theory appropriate to your vocational aspirations and societal needs.
  2. Encourage the development of communication skills that help you build and maintain a sense of self-worth, understanding, and self-confidence.
  3. Explore the integration of communication theory and skills with other social-science disciplines
  4. Sensitize you to the variety of perspectives and perceptions of people from different backgrounds and cultures and show the role of communication in creating understanding.
  5. Assist you in developing communication competencies that enhance self-directed learning and problem-solving ability.
  6. Provide service for the public good.
  7. Provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate communication skills in applied communication settings.
  8. Provide quality education to update and refine your knowledge in accordance with their developing needs
  9. Contribute to the general advancement of knowledge by stimulating and supporting research efforts.

The communication area offers a major and minor in communication as well as an undergraduate certificate in professional communication and presentation Skills.

Students sitting in a circle of desks, talking.