School of Communication, Journalism, and Media Interdisciplinary Programs

Enrolling in an interdisciplinary or interdepartmental program has many advantages. It helps you see things from different angles by combining different subjects. You become a better problem-solver because you can find creative solutions by using ideas from different fields. It also makes you adaptable to change and improves your teamwork and communication skills. Employers like people with interdisciplinary knowledge, so it can lead to more job options. It also helps you grow personally by making you curious, thoughtful, and resilient in a connected world. The School of Communication, Journalism and Media offers two interdisciplinary programs: an advertising minor and a multimedia design minor.

Advertising minor

Do you have an eye for design? Are you persuasive, strategic and good with people? As an advertising student you'll learn the principles of advertising and gain real-world experience. With an advertising  minor you'll be prepared for exciting and creative roles in advertising, marketing, branding, PR and more.

Multimedia design minor

Earn a minor in multimedia design to blend art with technology. Develop skills in graphic design, video/audio production, photography or computer programming that will prepare you for careers in business, advertising, publishing, computer gaming and more.