Media Arts Programs

Why study media arts?

Media surrounds us; on the radio, television, internet, our smart phones and devices, and other public spaces. Be a part of creating and managing this media by joining one of the most comprehensive media programs in the country. The media arts area offers a flexible major or minor in media arts that allows you to explore several areas including audio and video production, broadcast news, sports broadcasting, media leadership and entrepreneurship, film and media studies, media writing, and media performance. Take your media project ideas and create productions for the world to see. A degree in media arts can prepare you for the exciting and creative world of media. From the moment you walk on campus, you can develop skills in one of our five student media activities. Don’t dream of the story you want to tell, make it happen.

Media arts

Students seeking to major or minor in media arts should meet with a media arts faculty advisor to select the best elective courses to meet their career goals. You will learn media skills in the classroom that you can apply in hands-on practical experiences in our co-curricular activities. Create media content with other students like you who want to make an impact through producing and managing audio and video content for radio, television, news, sports, YouTube, TikTok, or podcasts. Develop the skills and put them into practice through experiential learning from your first day on campus. It is expected that each media arts major and minor will be involved every semester in one or more of the School’s co-curricular activities. These include WMHW-FM (Mountain 91.5 & 101.1 The Beat), Moore Hall Television (MHTV), News Central, Moore Media Records and CMU Film Society. These activities provide students with practical media experience that cannot be replicated in the classroom. Students are also encouraged to participate in CMU chapters of the National Broadcasting Society.

Why study cinema arts?

Content creation is king. A major in cinema arts provides experience in all areas of film production, from scriptwriting to production to post-production. From the big screen to the small screen, through cinematic and commercial projects, you’ll acquire the essential skills to tell your story. Graduate with a strong portfolio ready to pursue careers in film, video, screenwriting and more. 

Cinema arts

Acquire an understanding of all aspects of film in one of Michigan's only cinematic arts BFA program that emphasizes scriptwriting, video and audio production, with critical film analysis. Shape rough ideas into well-crafted scripts. Learn about the various design and aesthetic principles of film. Craft your own film production with access to high-quality film equipment and software. You'll graduate with critical hands-on experience and a solid digital portfolio to help you pursue careers in film, video, screenwriting and more.

Our passionate and award-winning faculty will mentor you through an exciting curriculum that provides a crucial balance of art and design, technology and theory.  Alongside peers just as passionate as you are about watching and making good films, you’ll take courses in design, scriptwriting, audio and video production, film critique and analysis, and have the opportunity to focus in on areas where your curiosity leads. Your film project will come to life applying the skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom and studio spaces. You’ll have the time, resources, and collaboration opportunities to successfully navigate the production process, and complete and display your film project. Students' films have been exhibited at the Central Michigan International Film Festival, Traverse City Film Festival, Boston Sci Fi Festival, Hell's Half Mile Film & Music Festival and more. Beyond the classroom you’ll have access to internship opportunities with broadcast and television studios, film and media companies, digital web agencies and more.  Take advantage of our strong Alumni network reaching all areas of the film and television industry. You can also join CMU's Animation Club, Film Society, and Moore Hall Television, an organization for passionate cinephiles committed to promoting diversity, educational and cultural awareness through film.