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Media Arts

Program Overview

Your dreams of working in radio or creating, producing and managing content for the masses can become your career. A degree in media arts can prepare you for the exciting and creative world of digital media. You'll develop skills for careers in television, news and sports broadcasting, cinema, radio, and more.


Degree Type
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Bachelor of Applied Arts (B.A.A.)
Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
On Campus
Credit Hours
41 Credit Hours

Why This Program & What You'll Learn

Join one of the most comprehensive digital media programs in the country. Whether you're interested in producing music, working a camera, becoming a podcast host or writing screenplays, you'll gain relevant knowledge and practical experience. 

As a media arts student, you can learn from accomplished faculty with industry experience in the areas of:

  • Audio and video production
  • Media performance
  • Media writing
  • Media leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Multimedia journalism
  • Sports Broadcasting
  • Media criticism
  • Cinema studies

You’ll have the chance to work at CMU's award-winning campus TV station, radio stations, record labels or broadcast news stations. In fact, you'll begin acquiring real-world experience right away behind and/or in front of the camera or microphone. You'll even be able to pitch and produce your own shows.

You'll also have many networking opportunities through organizations such as Alpha Epsilon Rho (the national honor society for electronic media students) and the Radio Television Digital News Association.

Our alumni have gone on to careers at WNBC News, CNN, Fox Sports, Netflix and more.

Program Highlights

As a media arts student here, you'll:

  • Join one of the country's largest and most comprehensive programs of its kind.
  • Gain hands-on experience at our award-winning MHTV television station (broadcast to local cable and online​), WMHW radio station (Mountain 91.5 and 101.1 The Beat), newscast stations (News Central and Sports Central), or record label (Moore Media Records).
  • Join our Film Society to connect with film lovers.
  • Network with media professionals through national organizations.
  • Acquire experience behind and/or in front of the camera/microphone in video or music production, television, broadcast news and sports, radio, or podcasting.

Interested in a media arts minor?

A minor in media arts is your opportunity to learn about media, including how to produce it, perform it, critique it or manage it. Gain hands-on experience in a student-run media organization and network with CMU alumni media professionals across the nation. The media arts minor is the perfect complement for any major at CMU and will teach you skills to create, distribute and promote content across all media channels.

There are two options for the media arts minor depending on your degree program. If you are earning a B.A., B.S., B.A.A., or B.F.A. degree, the media arts minor is a 25-credit minor with emphasis on content creation and production skills. If you are earning a B.S.B.A. degree, the media arts minor is a 22-credit minor with an emphasis on media promotion in business applications.

Careers & Outcomes

A degree in media arts can prepare you for a wide range of careers in film and television, broadcast news, music production, radio, corporate communications and more.

Career Projected Salary
Writer/Author $73,150
Producer $79,000
Video Editor $62,680
Radio/Television Announcer $36,666
Producer/Director $85,320
Broadcast Announcer $41,750
Media Programming Director $85,320
News Analyst, Reporter, and Journalist $55,960

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