Department of Journalism Advisory Board

The goal of the advisory board is to develop and implement a strategy that mobilizes alumni and professionals to support departmental objectives, including promoting achievements and interests, by involving them in:

  1. Refining proposals and participating in related fundraising activities.
  2. Creating an interactive web page on the department site for alumni communication.
  3. Planning and implementing the annual Distinguished Alumnus Award.
  4. Visiting classes, participating in events, and conducting high school and community college recruiting.
  5. Mentoring students by maintaining personal contact, encouraging, showing, interviewing, and making campus visits leading to internship and other employment opportunities.
  6. Helping with a professionals-in-residence program, drawing individuals from print media, converged media, public relations and advertising, to teach, work with students, speak with interested groups and, if desired, take CMU courses.
  7. Advising the department’s faculty on state-of-the-art professional practice for continuous improvement of the curriculum.‚Äč

Three journalism alumni meeting with a laptop.