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Our Integrative Public Relations (IPR) major is the first interdisciplinary public relations program in Michigan and your key to an exciting career in public relations.

Integrative Public Relations at CMU

As part of our Integrative Public Relations (IPR) program

You'll build the skills and talents to earn and maintain public confidence in organizations of any size. Whether it's a multinational manufacturer, a hospital, or a local charity, earning and maintaining public confidence is the role of the public relations practitioner.

Our Integrative Public Relations major will prepare you to develop the skills to be the voice of an organization and strategically convey messages to different audiences. You will learn to craft media releases, develop social media, plan events, design communication plans and create messaging to shape public perceptions of organizations of all sizes.

As you explore your career options, the Integrative Public Relations program will prepare you to perform vital strategic communications functions in organizations of all sizes:

  • Comprehensive course offerings meeting national standards.
  • Pre-professional organizations connecting you to a nationwide network of professionals.
  • Nationally recognized student-run public relations firm providing you opportunities to work with real-world clients.
  • Networking opportunities with alumni and public relations professionals.
  • Faculty with professional experience and a vast array of subject expertise.
Frequently Asked Questions

I chose to attend CMU because it had one of the best PR programs in the state. I absolutely made the right choice!  Whenever I’m hiring, I always look for job candidates who graduate from CMU’s IPR program because I know they’re the best.