About BCA

From the classroom to the studio, as a Broadcast and Cinematic Arts student, you can immerse yourself in our student media starting your first day on campus.

In the classroom, you'll expand your skillsets in writing, audio and video production, and developing a critical eye and then apply them through our co-curricular activities. You'll graduate with professional and personal experience and a portfolio that will help you start a media career. Getting involved in the co-curricular activities is just as important as going to class.

Filming in the tv studio

In the Broadcast and Cinematic Arts program, you'll jumpstart your career in:

  • Television production in the studio and in the field.
  • Scriptwriting for radio, television and film.
  • Social media influencer and podcast production.
  • Sports broadcasting in front of and behind the camera and mic.
  • News production in front of and behind the camera and mic.
  • Audio and music production and promotion.
  • All facets of radio station work - on-air, promotions and programming.
  • Media leadership and entrepreneurship.
  • Internet media strategies and production.

In the Cinema Arts program, you'll jumpstart your career in:

  • Narrative and non-fiction film directing.
  • Screenwriting.
  • Cinematography and lighting.
  • Set design and continuity.
  • Video editing and visual effects.
  • Audio-for-film and post-production.
  • Film producing, budgets, and marketing.