CMU Drone Lab

Drones are taking off in popularity, not only in personal use, but with businesses, too. Companies use them for everything from tracking weather and capturing aerial video footage to taking inventory in warehouses and delivering packages.

With this increase in commercial use of drones, there’s also a need for people who can fly them. That’s where the CMU Drone Lab comes in.

In our Drone Lab, which features more than 30 different drones, you will learn the rules and regulations around drone flight, how to prepare for flight, and yes, even how to fly! And, as part of the program, you will prepare for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 certification, which is basically earning your drone pilot’s license.

Only College Drone Class (Michigan) - Commercial Drone Training

CMU Drone Lab Courses

What is the course?
This course focuses on FAA rules and regulations, safety protocols, and drone mission management. This course prepares you for the test to earn your Part 107 Certification.

Next offered:  Spring 2023*
Section 22446939       
Tuesdays 6:00 PM-8:50 PM
January 10 – March 21, 2023

*More courses will be offered in additional semesters.

What is the course?
This course is all about learning how to fly. To take this course, you must have passed BCA/GEO 280 or have your Part 107 certification. You will begin flying smaller drones and work your way up to more sophisticated, advanced drones. You will learn how to fly and also how to develop proper safety and crew management procedures.

Next offered Spring 2023*
Section 22446940   
Tuesdays 6:00 PM-8:50 PM
March 28 – April 25, 2023

*More courses will be offered in additional semesters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! As long as you have your Part 107 certification and are using the drones as part of a CMU project, you can “check out” our drones, just like checking out a book from a library. In order to use the check-out system, you must register with BCA. Drone access begins with the Mavic Mini drone and increases with the drone flight experience.

Yes! If you are majoring in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts, these courses can count toward your BCA electives.

This program can be beneficial to a lot of different majors, even though they may not count toward your major. Talk to your academic advisor about including this course in your academic studies.