Get Involved with BCA Media

BCA Co-curricular Activities

BCA Co-curricular Activities help you gain experience in student media operations. These activities are just as important as going to class. BCA co-curricular activities will help you in the classroom as much as the classroom will help you in the co-curricular activities.

Any CMU student, regardless of major, can get involved in any BCA Co-curricular Activity. Everyone is welcome. We need differing expertise.

Begin your first semester on campus. No experience is necessary. We will train you. All you have to do is get involved and keep coming to meetings and activities.

Activities are all volunteer.  Your payment comes in the experience you gain and the life-long friendships you will make.

Our most successful alumni were involved in co-curricular activities. Getting involved will help you get better internships and better job opportunities after graduation. 

We have five Co-curricular Activities. Click on each for more information