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21st Composition Competition

String Quartet Composition Competition

CMU ACDA Choral Composition Competition

2023-24 Concerto/Aria Competition

See below the Rules and Procedure for the 2023-24 CMU Concerto/Aria Competition, sponsored by the CMU Symphony Orchestra. It is imperative that your instructor approves your entry into the competition.

CMU School of Music calendar

Follow the instructions linked above to add the CMU School of Music Calendar to your Outlook account! Once added, events can be filtered by category:

  • Green = Staples
  • Blue = Chamichian
  • Red = Chippewa Marching Band
  • Yellow = Marquee Events
  • Purple = Academic Calendar

Room reservations

Use the link below to book a room in the School of Music up to 1 week in advance. Make sure to select the desired room under the "Select Staff" option. If you remain on the booking page too long, you will get an error when submitting your booking. If this happens, refresh the page and submit your booking once again.

Event pass

Watch the video below to learn how to get your Event Pass for MUS 097 and MUS 114 attendance credit.





*Note: Make sure to keep Booklet Template at 4 pages. The information on the last 2 pages can be removed, if necessary. Once all your recital information is in the Word document, export it to PDF and print using Adobe Acrobat's Booklet Printing Function.

Student employment information & form

The School of Music employs students in various areas such as music events, audio production, the Music Resource Center, and others.  Some areas accept applications throughout the year, and other areas hire on a seasonal basis. 

Please check with the respective School of Music staff for employment opportunities.