Lean Six Sigma Green & Yellow Belt Certification Exam

The Lean Six Sigma Green & Yellow Belt certification exams consist of 100 multiple-choice questions that were covered in the lectures, assigned readings, and simulated activities. You need a score of at least 70% to pass the certification exam. You will receive a notification of certification as soon as the exams are graded. If you do not pass the exam, you can retake it.


  • Format: Online
  • Number of Questions: 100 with 1 point each
  • Exam Period: 3 hours
  • Grading: Results will be given immediately following the exam period.


  • Open Book: You may use the textbook but no other notes.
  • Calculators: You may use a calculator that does not have an alphanumeric keypad AND is approved by the proctor. You must clear all memory in front of the proctor(s).
  • Electronic Devices: You are not permitted to use any electronic devices other than the laptop used to take the exam.
  • Communication: You may not communicate with other examinees. Violations will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Cheating: anyone caught looking at other exams or an unapproved electronic device will have their tests taken away and you will not be certified.


There is no limit to the number of times you may retake an examination, but there are limitations. Exam retakes can only be completed during subsequent workshops and you must submit a retake request through the workshop application.

  • First Retake: Your first retake will be free of cost
  • Second Retake: You will be charged a retake fee of $50, failing this exam will require you to retake the workshop.