Michigan Finance Scholars

Michigan Finance Scholars meeting in Grawn Hall, men and women in suits sitting around a large conference table listening to a man speak

The Michigan Finance Scholars program (MFS) prepares ambitious and driven undergraduate students for careers in corporate finance, investment banking, asset management, and commercial banking.

Our program will prepare you to be a well-qualified candidate for top internships and entry-level positions. By taking part in our workshops, case studies, and competitions you will be equipped with the skills needed for a successful career in the finance industry.

Become a Scholar

Any CMU student can become a Michigan Finance Scholar. The application process opens at the beginning of the fall semester in August.


  1. Undergraduate Central Michigan University Student
  2. High GPA (3.50 or higher)

Application Process

  1. Submit your resume to Brad Taylor at taylo3br@cmich.edu
  2. Complete an interview
  3. Pass a 50 question exam* covering math, finance, accounting, critical thinking skills, and current events

*Exam will be provided once a year in mid-September

Learning Experiences

Investment Portfolios

Tom Celani Student Investment Portfolio

The Tom Celani Student Investment Portfolio is a fund managed by fifteen to twenty students each year that are selected by their peers and the faculty adviser.  Members of the fund make presentations about potential acquisitions and divestments to the group on a weekly basis. Proposals are vigorously debated based on the analyses provided, consideration of risk-adjusted returns, and the overall impact on the portfolio.

Learn More about the Celani Investment Portfolio

Bob Oros Multi-Asset Investment Fund

The Bob Oros Multi-Asset Investment Fund allows students each year to gain hands-on experience managing a portfolio that includes equity, fixed income, cash, and alternative asset categories. The investment committee meets each week to discuss risk, return, and additional investments. In addition, the advisory committee consisting of Bob Oros reviews the investment activity of the fund.

DateCompanySharesPriceNet Value
11/15/21iShares 0-5 year TIPS Bond ETF325$106.71$34,945.85
 Realty Income Corp350$70.78$24,963.75
 Aberdeen Standard Physical Silver Shares ETF617$24.12$14,998.65