Entrepreneurship Internships

Congratulations on looking at the next step in your educational journey - The Entrepreneurship Internship. This is a required course in the ENT major and brings your education full-circle with the opportunity to apply the many principles and skills you have learned in the classroom. There are many employers (small and large businesses alike) that value interns and other employees with an entrepreneurial mindset.

There is a process to getting approval to take ENT444:

  • While CMU does not organize or setup interviews or internships for students, we have a wealth of resources to assist you in locating potential internships. Most students begin with the CMU Career Services and Handshake (platform to connect employers and students) program or by contacting businesses and entrepreneurs in their hometown or personal network.

  • Once you are close to confirming an internship, you should begin working on the ENT444 Internship Application and Agreement at the link below. This MUST be submitted and approved before you begin working for credit.

  • Submit your packet of forms to ENT Internship Co-Ordinator, Julie Messing at Julie.messing@cmich.edu - I am happy to talk with you at any time to answer questions or provide clarification about any step in the internship process. Just reach out to request a meeting.

  • Once your completed forms are received, they will be reviewed and either approved, denied, or request for additional information (most common is getting more detail on the Position Duties and Goals.

  • Upon approval, you will receive an email giving you permission to request an exception to register for the course. At this point, you can register and begin working for credit.

  • Once in the class, please pay close attention to the Blackboard shell. There are assignments with designated due dates and periodic updates via Blackboard Announcements.

Please direct any questions to Julie Messing, 170 Grawn Hall, 989-774-2482, or Julie.messing@cmich.edu