Bob Oros Investment Fund

‚ÄčThe Bob Oros Multi-Asset Investment Fund allows 15-20 students each year to gain hands-on experience managing a portfolio that includes equity, fixed income, cash, and alternative asset categories. The investment committee meets each week to discuss risk, return, and additional investments. In addition, the advisory committee reviews the investment activity of the fund. 

CompanyTeamSharesPriceNet Value
Dispose: Realty Income
Purchase: SHY I
Joshua DuCharme, Aiden Powell and Alex Varady   $17,000
Community Health Care TrustAiden Powell and Josh DuCharme1390$35.69$49,989.30
Owen Hill, Marc Carney, and Josh Kohlhoff
VGLTNick Bale, Alex Varady, and Will Ciske  $50,026.42
BABNick Bale, Alex Varady, and Will Ciske 1955$25.57$50,366.80
iShares 0-5 Year TIPS Bond ETF 325$106.71$34,945.85
Realty Income Corp 350$70.78$24,963.75
Aberdeen Standard Physical Silver Shares ETF 617$24.12$14,998.65