Electronic media surrounds us; on the radio, on television, on the internet, on our smart phones and devices, and other public spaces. Someone has to create and manage this media and that could be you. The School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts offers a flexible major or minor to allow you to explore several areas including media production, broadcast news, media management and sales, film and media studies, media writing or media performance. You will learn media skills in the classroom that you can apply in hands-on practical experience in our co-curricular activities.


BCA Scholarship Winners 2019/2020

Fausto & Gladys Fernandez Memorial - Kali Gaddie

Kelly Fitzpatrick & Bruce Wood Memorial - Abby Mulder

Tim Roberts Country Radio Broadcasters:  Carrie Brewer

Sue Rozman Delia Memorial - Gabrielle Sikora

Wilbur Moore - Katie Koenigsknecht

Special Talent Scholarships 2019/2020

Jason Bartholomew, Carrie Brewer, Owen Brooks, Abi Cox, Grace Dostie,

Carissa Foura, Kali Gaddie, Yeon Jeong Ju, Christopher Kaufmann,

Sara Kilpela, Katie Koenigsknecht, Natalie McCorvie, Courtney Moore,

Abby Mulder, Bryce Nummer, William Nuttal, Nina Reynolds,

Gabrielle Sikora & Rebecca Yauch.

Orlik/MAB Scholarship Winners 2019/2020

Anthony Anger, Yeon Ju, Gabrielle Sikora & Rebecca Yauch

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