​​Business Student Services

Grawn 113, (989) 774-3124, Email: cba@cmich.edu

Business Academic Advisors are available to assist undergraduate business students with admission and degree requirements, degree progress planning, major selection, academic success strategies, and other academic concerns.

Mission Statement

Business Student Services is dedicated to providing academic advising and support services as well as promoting opportunities to enhance the experiences of undergraduate business students.


Karen Arthur, Director

Karen earned her BS in Education and began her academic advising career at CMU in 1997. She earned her MA in Counseling from CMU in 2002. Karen spent two years in study abroad programs before and during college and encourages students to research study abroad options early and seek out leadership opportunities in student organizations.

Contact: karen.arthur@cmich.edu

Linda McClain, Executive Secretary

Linda has been the Office Professional in Business Student Services since 1999. Helping people is a passion of hers. She loves working with students and seeing them grow both professionally and personally. Her philosophy in life is to welcome and encourage others to ask their questions.

Contact: mccla1lk@cmich.edu

Ashleigh Begres, Academic Advisor

Ashleigh has more than 10 years experience in K-12 and higher education. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Education and Spanish and M.Ed. in Higher Education. Ashleigh loves supporting students in their journey, mapping out academic plans, connecting to resources, or offering reassurance. She wants students to know they belong and have her in their corner as a resource.

Contact: begre1ar@cmich.edu

Lori Driessnack, Academic Advisor

Lori earned her degree in Communication and worked as a Public Relations professional for 3 years. At 24, she started her small business and was owner/operator of the first local coffee house, University Cup Coffee Company for 19 years before joining CMU as a success coach and now academic advisor. Lori has been supporting student success for nearly 3 decades.

Contact: dries1ll@cmich.edu

Kristen Kendrick, Academic Advisor

Kristen earned her undergraduate degree at CMU in both Apparel Merchandising & Design and Art with a concentration in Graphic Design. She has enjoyed a rewarding career in higher education for over 15 years. Kristen enjoys the opportunity to advise and connect with students to make a difference in their lives.

Contact: holla1kk@cmich.edu

Renae Pung, Academic Advisor

Born and raised in Mount Pleasant, Renae earned both a BS and MA Degree from CMU. She has worked at CMU for over 20 years and as an Academic Advisor for the last several years. Her favorite part of advising is helping students navigate down the path to graduation and seeing the joy on their faces when they reach their goal.

Contact: pung1rx@cmich.edu

Crystal Sattelberg, Academic Advisor

Crystal is a two-time CMU Alumni with both her BA and MA degrees. Before finding her passion for advising, Crystal worked as a Residence Hall Director and as an Assistant Director of Admissions. Guiding students through their collegiate experience is her favorite part of being an academic advisor.

Contact: satte1cl@cmich.edu

Ben Shaw, Academic Advisor

Ben began his career as a Success Coach at CMU before joining the Academic Advising team in the CBA. Given his coaching background, Ben enjoys helping students succeed in all areas of their lives. He loves listening to students’ stories and encouraging them to follow their passions and achieve their goals at CMU and beyond.

Contact: shaw1bd@cmich.edu