Accounting Internships

There are many benefits to taking an accounting internship/co-op course.  You have the opportunity to earn up to three credit hours by completing an accounting internship in ACC 489 or ACC 689.  Co-Op students earn one hour of credit for each semester (up to three semesters) worked.

You Will:

  • Obtain real-world experience and learn on the job, not just in the classroom and in textbooks.
  • Establish valuable contact for possible future employment upon graduation.
  • Give employers exposure to your capabilities.
  • Finance part of your education with the money you earn.
  • Have the opportunity to complete the internship/co-op during the fall or spring semesters, not just the summer semester. 

How to receive academic credit

  1. You will need to register for ACC 489 (Accounting Internship/Co-Op) or ACC 689 (Accounting Internship).
  2. Then press the Ask button for a Registration Exception and provide your internship/co-op information in the comments.
  3. The Accounting Chairperson will review the request and determine how many credits to give (1-3 credits).  
  4. At the end of the program, you will submit a brief report of your experience to the School of Accounting Internship/Co-op Supervisor and have your employer fill out the internship evaluation form.

Employer responsibilities

  • The employer will be expected to provide you with a variety of work experience commensurate with your ability and training.
  • The employer should send a brief evaluation of each student. The evaluation will remain confidential. It is intended to check how the student performed and fulfilled responsibilities.
  • The employer is not bound to hire you upon graduation. You are not bound to accept employment with the employer. You will be free to interview with other potential employers.
  • The employer is invited to make suggestions to the Program Supervisor, the School of Accounting Chairperson, or any other accounting faculty member so that the program can be improved.
Internship Evaluation