Accounting Internship Evaluation

CMU SOA Internship Employer Evaluation

Please respond to the following questions by selecting the appropriate choice.  If you are not able to evaluate any of the characteristics addressed below, then leave that question unanswered.  Please add specific information that caused you to respond with a ranking of "Needs improvement" or "Unacceptable" along with its reference number in the Other Comments text area below.

The intern's overall performance during the internship was:
Physical Appearance (i.e. dress):
Oral Communication:
Written Communication:
Technological Skills:
Research Skills:
Time Management:
Client Interactions:
Attitude Towards Coworkers:
Idea Generation:
Accepting of Constructive Criticism:
Relationship with Mentor:
The intern's prospects for a successful career in accounting are:
Would you consider hiring the intern on a full-time basis:
Thank you for taking the time to complete this evaluation.