Syllabus Guide

This information will guide you through the process of creating a course syllabus for your District Designed Professional Development program and filling out the form.

DDPD Course Syllabus

Syllabus course information

  • Course Title – List the complete course title.
  • Credit Hours – Consult FAQ to determine the number of credit hours.
  • Course Designator – Consult FAQ to determine the course designator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Course description

Enter a description of what will be covered in the course.


Enter prerequisites if any.

Course goals

State goals in global terms which indicate what the course (not the instructor) will accomplish.

Learning objectives

Enter learning objectives that are:
  • stated in terms of participant behavior
  • detailed to indicate the behaviors that participants will accomplish
  • independent of the instructor, test, etc.

Required materials/textbook

Enter required readings if any.

Course requirements

Enter course requirements that reflect what participants will need to accomplish.

General methodology

Enter by list or description the various methods to be used to teach the course.


Create evaluation criteria by referencing the Guidelines to Create Course Evaluation Criteria. Keep in mind that the evaluation criteria should be connected to the course learning objectives and must be measurable and descriptive. Each evaluation component is assigned a percentage weight so the total evaluation process equals 100%.

Guidelines to Create Course Evaluation Criteria​


Rubrics must be included in the syllabus for each evaluation criteria listed. Sample Rubrics

Syllabus preparation information

Enter the name of the individual who prepared the syllabus, the organization the individual represents and the date the syllabus was prepared.

Course outline

Enter a description of what will be covered in each session. Do not list dates, but indicate Session I, II, etc. Please make sure that contact hours are listed for each session with a total at the bottom of the outline. Make sure that the topics are consistent with the learning objectives.

Course references

Follow these guidelines for selecting and listing references:
  • Include a list of references used to prepare the course.
  • List references consistent with the learning objectives.
  • List current references (within the past three years).
  • List in bibliographic style.
​Approved District Designed Professional Development courses may not substitute for regularly designated courses in degree programs unless determined by the respective department.