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Empowering growth and development

Ready to take your career to new heights? This page is your personal gateway to a world of possibilities, where academic excellence converges with practical skills that industries are craving with credit and non-credit options.

Our partnership with Michigan Works! brings you custom-made programs, interactive workshops, and resources tailored to meet the needs of today's job market. Whether you're looking to enhance your current role, pivot to a different career, or refine your skill set, our joint initiative is a compass for diverse ambitions.

Get started with CMU & Michigan Works!

Step 1

View the CMU programs approved by the regional Michigan Works! agency. Select Central Michigan University under "Providers By Name" to see our programs of study.

Michigan Training Connect (MITC)

 Step 2

Find the type of program you are interested in:

Step 3

Contact your career advisor at Michigan Works! to register for the program you are interested in.  You will be notified of the next steps.

Industry recognized certificates

Each Michigan Works! Service Center varies in how funds are approved for training. Find your local Service Center to learn more.

Find your Service Center

Getting started on your industry recognized certificate or certification

  1. To register for a course, your completed Michigan Works! form must be emailed to
  2. We will notify you when you have been registered for your course.  Watch for email instructions to complete your access.
  3. After you receive a notification from your Michigan Works! case manager that you have been approved for funding we will register you in the course and email instructions to complete your access.
  4. Payments may be made via credit card or a check from Michigan Works! as determined by your Michigan Works! career coach.

Michigan Works! and your bachelor's degree

Each Michigan Works! Service Center varies in how funds are approved for training. Find your local Service Center to learn more.

Find your Center

Getting started on your bachelor's

  1. Your career advisor at Michigan Works! will contact CMU for your registration into the program.
  2. Apply for your program at CMU.
  3. CMU will complete and sign the "Training Provider" sections of your Michigan Works! document and return to you.  You will need to sign and return the completed document to your Michigan Works! career advisor.
  4. After your documents have been processed and you are approved for funding, your career advisor will notify CMU. You can expect further communication from CMU regarding your status.

Michigan Works! FAQS

Have questions about accessing certificate and bachelor's degree programs through Michigan Works!? 

    Bachelor's Degree:

    No, your books are a separate cost.

    Industry Recognized Certificate or Certification:

    Most courses include instructional materials in the price. Physical instructional materials will be mailed to you, and digital instructional materials will be available for download. 


    All approved industry-recognized certificates or certifications and bachelor's degree programs are done completely online.

    Bachelor's Degree:

    CMU will notify you directly of your status.

    Industry Recognized Certificate or Certification Program:

    You will receive an email with your access codes (i.e., username and password). You will receive course access within 1 – 4 business days from the date of your registration. Registration is delayed if incorrect email addresses are given to CMU. Be sure to provide the email address you want to use to access the course.

    Bachelor's Degree: Contact the HelpDesk

    Industry Recognized Certificates or Certifications: Dial 855-520-6886 Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST.

    Visit the Michigan Works! website and be sure to choose Central Michigan University in the "search providers by name" section.

    View available courses

    Payment is non refundable upon registration and receipt of course access codes (i.e., password and username).