Registration Instructions for CMU Online Students

Learn more about registering for classes as a CMU Online student.

Active admission status is required to register for classes with Central Michigan University. You must also have a CMU Global ID and password as both are required to gain access to CentralLink.

To register

  • Open CMU's Course Search and Registration tool.
  • Select semester enrolling in.
  • Search for a course based on subject and/or keywords (i.e. Accounting, ACC 203, instructor name, course title).
  • Select additional filters in the right corner by location, day of the week, start/end dates, etc.
  • Click the "Search" button, once the semester has been identified along with any additional filters.

Important note: Before registering for a class, confirm the course meeting dates by clicking the "Info" button located by each course listing.

Additional course search and registration features

  • Course information including textbooks and the syllabus can be viewed under "Info" on the right-hand side of the course(s) listed.
  • A course can be added to a schedule as a planned course or you may elect to register for the course by clicking one of the left side boxes (blue=planned, green=register).
  • Clicking on the right-hand vertical tab "My Schedule Builder" provides a list of courses that you plan to take at a future time along with courses you registered for in the current term/semester.


Should the desired course be full with no seats available and the course is available for waitlisting, you should click on the +WL button if you want to be on the waitlist.

When selecting to be put on the waitlist for a section, it will process the request and either prompt you for reasons that it could not waitlist you or succeed with a confirmation. If you still wish to be on the waitlist, enter your contact phone number and click on the "Yes" button. If you do not want to be on the waitlist click the "Cancel" button. Courses will appear on your "My Course Week" menu.

Cohort students

If you are pursuing a degree as part of a cohort, often you are automatically registered for upcoming courses by the program administrator who manages the cohort program. If you are unsure, contact us.  

Military personnel

Specific registration processes are determined based on the military branch.

Late registration

Registration is offered prior to the term beginning, and waiting to register may mean that course(s) have filled and are not available. To determine your registration period, view the Registration Schedule.

Late registration is rarely permitted, but there may be circumstances where the appropriate department offers exception(s) due to mitigating circumstances preventing timely registration. Students may choose to request an exception via the "Ask" button in Course Search and Registration. Exceptions to register are not guaranteed.

Who to contact

If you encounter a registration error message when you are registering for classes or have general questions about the registration process, contact the Registrar's Office at 989-774-3261 or email

If you have a financial hold and are not able to register for classes, contact the Student Accounts office at 989-774-3618 or email