Art and Design Faculty and Staff

The Department of Art and Design is committed to helping you succeed in the classroom and after graduation. Our faculty and staff work with you directly to build skills and refine talents. They are award-winning educators and experienced professionals that have been nationally recognized for their work and are committed to your success.

Rachael Barron-Duncan

Associate Professor, Art History
Wightman Hall 167   /   989-774-3235

Ph.D: Yale University
MPhil: 2001, Yale University
MA: 1999, Yale University
AB: 1998, Vassar College

Courses Taught: 
Intro to Western Art II​​   •  American Art   •   Art After 1​945  ​•   Nineteenth Century Art​​   ​•   European Art from 1890-1​940  •   Gender & Art  •  Modern Architecture​   •   Seminar in Modern & Contemporary Art  ​•   African Art

Julie Benda

Barstow Artist-in-Residence, Multimedia
Wightman Hall

MFA: 2016  Minneapolis College of Art and Design
BA: 2011 University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

​​​​Courses Taught:
Current Barstow Artist-in-Residence & BFA Mentor

Rose Brauner

Assistant Professor, Animation
Wightman Hall 222

MFA: 2013, California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)
BFA: 2009, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Courses Taught:
2D Digital Animation  •    Animation Senior Project I & II   •   Animation Drawing   •   Concept Development: Characters & Environment

Larry Burditt

Professor, Graphic Design
Wightman Hall 168

BS Oklahoma State University
MS Oklahoma State University
BFA Oklahoma State University
MFA University of Oklahoma

Courses Taught:
Introduction to Graphic Design   •    Web Design I   •   Web Design II   •   Motion Graphics   •   Emerging Media   •   Capstone for Graphic Design

Jeremy Catarino

Lecturer 1, 3D Animation
Wightman Hall 166

M.S. Technology Studies 3D Modeling/Animation
Eastern Michigan University

Courses Taught: ​
3D Animation I, II, & III   •  Digital Design   •   Animation Portfolio & Professional Practices

Israel Davis

Assistant Professor, Ceramics
Wightman Hall 163

MFA: 2003, University of Iowa (Ceramics)
BFA: 1998, School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC - Ceramics and Sculpture)

Courses Taught: ​
Design Foundations   •   Intro to Ceramics  •   Ceramics Studio   •   Advanced Ceramics Studio   •   Intro to Contemporary Issues in Art

Jeremy Davis

Associate Professor, Sculpture
Wightman Hall 148b​

MFA: 2015, School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC - Sculpture)
BFA: 2005, Lyme Academy College of Fine Art

Courses Taught:
Intro ​to Sculpture   •   Intro to Digital Fabrication   •   Sculpture Studio   •    Advanced Sculpture Studio   •    Moldmaking & Casting   •   Portrait & Figure Sculpture   •   Character Sculpture & Development   •   Intro ​to Drawing   •   Figure Drawing  •   Digital Sculpture

Scott de Brestian

Associate Professor, Art History
Wightman Hall 133   /   989-774-3551

Ph.D: 2003, University of Missouri-Columbia
MA: 1997, University of Missouri-Columbia
BA: 1994, Boston University

Courses Taught:
Ancient & Medieval Art History   •   Intro to Western Art I   •   Art Critic Methodology/Art History   •   Islamic Art   •   Research Seminar in Art History

Chris DiNoto

Lecturer I, Graphic Design
Wightman Hall

BFA: 2018 Central Michigan University

Courses Taught:
Web Design I   •   Web Design II

Hannah Duggan

Lecturer I, Painting/Drawing
Wightman Hall 139

MFA: 2022, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
BFA: 2018, University of Georgia

​​​​Courses Taught:
Intro to Painting   •     Intro to Drawing   •   Design Foundations   •    Intro to Figure Drawing

Brian Elder

Chairperson/Professor, Painting/Drawing
Wightman Hall 139   /   989-774-3025​

MFA: 1996, Indiana University
BFA: 1994, University of New Hampshire

​​​​Courses Taught:
Intro to Painting   •   Painting Studio   •   Advanced Painting Studio   •   Drawing in Florence   •   Intro to Drawing   •   Drawing Studio   •   Advanced Drawing Studio

Lisa Hockin

Lecturer I, Art Education
Wightman Hall

BA: Michigan State University 1991
Art Education Certification: Michigan State University 1995

Courses Taught: 
Intro to Art Education 

Jessica Hoffman

Lecturer III, Art History
Wightman Hall 145

Ph.D: University of Maryland
MA: University of Maryland
BA: University of Texas Austin

Courses Taught: 
Intro to the Visual Arts​​   •  Seminar in Early Modern Art History   •   Intro to Western Art   ​•   Intro to Non-Western Art   ​•   Italian Renaissance Art 

Steve Leeper

Professor, Animation
Wightman Hall 222

MFA: 2007, Art Institute of Boston (Visual Arts)
BFA: 1990, School of the Museum of Fine Arts (Animation, Drawing, & Painting)

Courses Taught:
Intro to Animation  •   Storyboarding for Digital Media   •   Animation Senior Project I & II   •   Animation Drawing   •  Animation Studio I, II, & III   •   Stop Motion Animation   •   Alternative Strategies for Animation

Tesha Merkel

Lecturer, Animation & Graphic Design
Wightman Hall 222

MFA: 2021, The Ohio State University
BFA: 2018, Indiana State University

Courses Taught:
Intro to Animation  •    Motion Graphics   •  Animation Drawing II   •   Intro to Graphic Design   •   Emerging Media in Graphic Design

Clark Most

Professor, Graphic Design
Wightman Hall 138

MFA: 1999, Central Michigan University
BFA: 1981, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Undergrad: Aegean School of Fine Arts, Greece
Associate: 1977, Delta College

Courses Taught:
Intro to Graphic Design   •   Logo​ & Identity Design   •   Typography   •   Design Bureau   •   Professional Design Practices   •   Graphic Design Capstone

Johanna Paas

Professor, Printmaking
Wightman Hall 169   /   989-774-4244

MFA: 2001, Louisiana State University
Teaching Certificate: 1997, Eastern Michigan University
BFA: 1995, University of Michigan

Courses Taught:
Intro to Prin​tmaking   •   Printmaking Studio   •   Advanced Printmaking Studio   •   Screen Printing

Kris Sanford

Associate Professor, Photography
Wightman Hall 169

MFA: 2005, Arizona State University
BFA: 2000, College for Creative Studies
AA: 1996, Washtenaw Community College

​​​​Courses Taught:
Intro to Photography   •   Photography Lighting Studio   •    Alternative Photographic Processes   •   Photography Studio   •   Advanced Photography Studio   •   The Self and Other in Photography   •   History of Photography

Lavana Shurtliff

Lecturer I, Painting & Drawing
Wightman Hall 131

BFA: 1994 Central Michigan University

Courses Taught:
Design Foundations   •   Introduction to Drawing   •   Introduction to Painting

David Stairs

Professor, Graphic Design
Wightman Hall 147   /   989-774-3064

MFA: 1993, University of Oregon
Certificate: 1976, Croydon College of Art, London
BFA: 1975, Rhode Island School of Design

Courses Taught:
Foundational Visual Thinking   •   Intro to Graphic Design  •  Design Bureau   •   Typography   •   Design History   •   Contemporary Issues in Design   •   Professional Practice   •   Advanced Typography   •   Graphic Design Capstone

Michael Volker

Lecturer III, Painting and Drawing
Wightman Hall 163​

MFA: 2001, Central Michigan University
BFA: 1996, Central Michigan University

Courses Taught:
Intro to Drawing   •   Drawing Studio   •   Advanced Drawing Studio   •  Figure Drawing   •   Art Appreciation   •   Intro to Painting   •   Painting Studio   •   Advanced Painting Studio   •   Design Foundations

Charles Wilson

Lecturer I, Animation
Wightman Hall

MFA: 1997 Rochester Institute of Technology
BA: Taylor University

Courses Taught:
History of Animation

Ryan Flesher

Wightman Hall 156

MFA: 2003, Western Michigan University
BFA: 1999, Alma College

Service Responsibilities:
CMU Laboratory Safety Committee representative

Anne Gochenour

University Art Gallery Director
University Art Gallery   /   989-774-7457

MFA: 1982, University of Iowa
MA: 1981, University of Iowa
BA: 1979, College of William & Mary

Courses Taught:​
BFA Exhibition   •   BA/B​S Capstone   •   BAA Senior Seminar

Cindy Verwey

Executive Secretary
Wightman Hall 132   /   989-774-3025