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Help Desk

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Having trouble signing into your account? Computer on the fritz? Maybe you just have some technology questions, and you’re not sure where to turn? CMU’s IT Help Desk has you covered!

The Help Desk is here to provide technical support to the CMU community, so don’t spend your time banging your head on your keyboard when technology lets you down—give us a call instead! Our support technicians are well-versed in most CMU systems, and we can resolve most technical issues on first contact. If we can’t solve your issue immediately for whatever reason, we’ll find someone who can.

Self-help and other services

The online knowledge base has the answers to just about every common CMU technology and question you could ask, so if you're more of a self-help kind of person, you'll find everything you need in there.

If you're just looking for somewhere to get started, here is a curated list of knowledge articles we think you'll find useful:

- Register a device on CMU's Wi-Fi network
-Install Office on your personal computer
-Get your CMU email on a mobile device
-Store up to 1TB in your CMU-provided OneDrive
-Access CMU's online Virtual Lab
-Learn about our print management system, PrintQ
-Install and use Respondus Lockdown Browser

Do you already know what you need, or do you have a solid description of the problem you're experiencing? Go ahead and submit a support ticket on your own! One of our technicians will review your request and either contact you to help or direct it to the team who can.

Submitting a support ticket is easy:

  1. Visit our Client Portal.
  2. Choose the Service Catalog on the right.
  3. Navigate to the service that best fits your request.
  4. Click the button to request service.
  5. Fill out the requested fields.

After that, just hang tight, and we'll be in touch with you soon!