Non Credit Working with CMU

Note: Each Michigan Works! Service Center varies in how funds are approved for training. Be sure to check the Michigan Works! website for your local Service Center to learn if they have defined steps for you to follow. Locate your Service Center.

MichiganWorks! Zip Code Locator

General steps to work with MichiganWorks!

  1. Schedule an appointment to attend a workshop at your local MichiganW​orks! Service Center.
  2. Identify a program for which you are interested in obtaining training.
  3. Select an approved degree program from the Michigan Training Connect.
  4. Select an approved program from the Michigan Training Connect (MiTC) eligible training provider list.
  5. Select Central Michigan University from the "Search Providers by Name" box, scroll to the bottom and click "search". The program listings will include a number of CMU locations by region. Select a CMU location with your MichiganWorks! Service Center.
  6. Note - CMU certificate training programs are completely online even though the program lists CMU off-campus locations.
  7. After you select a program offered by CMU take the information to your MichiganWorks! Case Manager to assist in completing forms to advance your application for training funds.

General steps to work with Central Michigan University

  1. Forms you receive from your MichiganWorks! case manager that are to be completed by the Training Institution may be taken in or faxed to your Central Michigan University home center for completion. Before bringing in or faxing forms to your CMU home center, complete as much as possible yourself the Customer or Sponsored Student sections of the form, including the name of the program in which you wish to enroll. Be sure to include a phone/fax number for you and your case manager.
  2. Completed forms may also be faxed to CMU in Clinton Township to the attention of: Elaine Kas at (586) 263-6485. You may also scan and email your forms.
  3. CMU will complete the Training Provider sections of the forms and contact you when the forms are completed so you can return them to your MichiganWorks! case manager.
  4. After you receive notification from your MichiganWorks! case manager that you have been approved for funding please contact CMU to follow up with Elaine Kas, Assistant Director.
  5. You will have two (2) years to three (3) years for TAA (Trade) to complete the program, starting from the day you begin taking classes.
  6. At the present time, Elaine Kas (Assistant Director) located in Clinton Township is the coordinator for the program should further assistance be required.