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Respondus Monitor Recording Etiquette

When using Respondus Monitor please consider the following recommendations to ensure the best possible outcome. Prior to the start of each assessment requiring use of Respondus Monitor a Webcam Check will occur. This check will confirm your webcam and microphone are in working order. Once the webcam check and any other checks required by your instructor are concluded, the following additional measures should also be taken:

  • Camera position and angle: Capture your image squarely in the frame. If your posture or position changes during the assessment, remember to adjust your camera accordingly.

  • Lighting: Complete assessments in a well-lit environment. Overhead lighting or light of daylight quality is preferred. Avoid using light sources positioned behind you.
  • Internet connectivity: a broadband Internet connection (e.g. Cable, DSL, LAN, etc.) is required to reliably capture video. Insufficient bandwidth may result in interrupted video recordings and prompt concerns from your instructor.

  • Handling the unexpected: While precautions should be taken to eliminate distractions and interruptions during exam sessions, unexpected events such as a knock at the door, communication from another member of the household, movements of a pet, or the needs of a child may arise. If something occurs, take a moment to explain on camera what transpired.

  • Staying relaxed: The experience of being ‘on camera’ during an exam may initially cause some anxiety. While you will need to remain cognizant of the advice above throughout the exam, your focus should remain on successful completion. In time, your comfort level with the webcam will increase.
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