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Transfer Credit For Military Coursework

Transfer credit for military coursework

​​Military coursework that is equivalent to Graduate Level college coursework may be considered for possible transfer credit. The ACE Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services is consulted, and its recommendations are generally, but not always, followed.

As with any transfer credit, all course work must have been completed within seven (7) years of the date of your graduation from a master’s degree program or within four (4) years of the date of your completion of a graduate certificate program.

Only course work with a grade equivalent to a “B” or better will be considered for transfer. Students may only transfer six (6) credits from a completed master’s degree program. Correspondence course work is not eligible.

Examples of Military course work that is eligible for transfer credit evaluation:

  • CGSC – ILE: Command & General Staff College Intermediate Level Education
  • CAS3: Combined Arms and Services Staff School
  • DAU: Defense Acquisitions University
  • AMSC: Army Management Staff College
  • SOS: Squadron Officer School
  • AU: Air University
  • NDU: National Defense University – Joint Forces Staff College

The examples above are only a sample of some of the coursework that may be considered. This is not a complete list nor is this a guarantee that this coursework will automatically transfer to your program.