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Transfer Credit

We know not all academic journeys are the same. We make transferring credits to Central Michigan University from another college or university a simple process. Transferring credits can be valuable toward earning your CMU degree.

Transfer credit policies

  • We only accept transfer credits from degree-granting institutions that are accredited by an institutional accrediting association.
  • Courses less than a “C- (1.70) grade earned will not be awarded transfer credit.
  • For transfer courses, only the credit hours for the course transfers, not the grade. Your GPA here at CMU will be determined by the courses you take at CMU only.
  • There is no limit to the number of transfer credits that can be transferred to CMU; however, we do have a graduation requirement that 60 credit hours must be earned from a 4-year institution.


How your credits transfer to CMU

Direct equivalent

  • The courses from another school will transfer as an exact CMU course. Example: MAT 126 at ZZZ School will transfer as MTH 132 to CMU.

Departmental credit

  • We do not offer this exact course, but it still warrants credit by an academic department. The department can choose if you can use the course toward a major or minor requirement. Departmental credits can be used as a general elective towards graduation. If a course is awarded departmental credit, you may provide the syllabus to the department chairperson for review to see if the course could be changed to a Direct Equivalent course.

No credit

  • The course is not transferrable because it is not germane to any CMU course or the grade received is lower than a C-. Examples of a not germane: Emergency Medical Technician or Master Electrician since CMU does not offer those programs.

Advanced standing

Undergraduate students may be granted credit at CMU by earning high scores on the following specified examinations:

Credit by examination

Students who have had experience or background comparable to a course at this university may file for Credit by Examination.

Credit by Examination Form - (CMU log in required)

13th-Year or A-Level Credit

CMU will allow a student’s 13th year (e.g., the German Abitur) or A-level credit from non-U.S. academic systems to count as undergraduate credit if it is approved by the department responsible for that area (e.g., Biology would have to approve credit for courses taken that relate to biology). Such approval must be done on a case-by-case basis. The student must submit course syllabi, including information as to textbooks used in the course, so that the department can determine whether to approve such credit. The progress of students who receive this credit will be monitored in order to determine the efficacy of this policy.