Lean Six Sigma

The application period for Summer 2018 is closed. Please check back in Fall 2018 for information on future workshop sessions.

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What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma blends the DMAIC and other methodologies of Six Sigma with the principles of Lean Manufacturing to provide a comprehensive approach to performance improvement. It comprises three performance elements: Project management, Team management, and Information management.

 Lean Six Sigma Overview

What does a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt practitioner do?

  • Reduces waste and defects by applying Lean and Six Sigma principles.
  • Demonstrates analytical problem-solving abilities for improving business processes.
  • Utilizes contemporary statistical concepts to make data-driven decisions.
  • Carries out project and team management concepts with business improvement opportunities.
  • Formulates project selection criteria to focus Lean Six Sigma initiatives on projects that will have the greatest chance of success.
  • Apply the DMAIC improvement process to solve business problems.
  • Employs Lean Six Sigma data-driven approaches to solve problems at their root cause and prevent their recurrence.
  • Demonstrates the fundamental knowledge and skill expected for obtaining Green Belt certification.

Why get certified?

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification is highly valued and sought-after by many employers such as GM, Ford, Dow Chemical, Quicken Loans, Bank of America, UnitedHealth Group, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, GE, and Volkswagen. This entry-level Lean Six Sigma certification illustrates that the potential employee has developed the project management, problem solving, and analytic skills that employers are looking for. Employers in health care, financial services, automotive, and many others routinely include preferences or requirements for Green Belt certification. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification may be the key differentiator for candidates to get the job and compensation they desire.

Yellow Belt Certification Path

New in fall semester 2017, the College of Business Administration is offering a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course, BIS 197A. The course introduces students to both Lean and Six Sigma. Students develop a working knowledge of the project management methodology DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) and selected problem solving tools and techniques that will make them valuable project team contributors. Upon successful completion of the course, including passing a comprehensive exam, students will be award Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification.

Green Belt Certification Paths

Green Belt certification can be achieved through successfully completing the requirements by taking BUS503 or the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Workshop. BUS503 is a regularly offered course available to any undergraduate or graduate student that has completed the course pre-requisites.  Similarly, the workshop is offered as a one week intensive training opportunity for current students. Further details on either path can be found under the BUS503 or Workshop sections.