Library Instruction Policies

Use Policy for Library Instructions Rooms (Park 207, 209, 212)

The primary purpose of the rooms is to provide instruction in the use of the service and resources the CMU Libraries offers. Scheduling of the rooms for this purpose will be given priority over other uses.

Instructional and non-instructional activities can be scheduled into the rooms, but non-instructional activities may be bumped if a room is needed for library instruction.

Requests for use of the rooms by non-library groups must be approved by the Director of Library Research and Instruction Services or the Head of Access Services.

Users of these rooms will be responsible for operating the equipment in the rooms and making sure the library's food and drink policy are observed in the rooms.

The rooms will not be scheduled for the usage of any kind when the Park Library building is not open.

Last Updated: 3/8/2017

Tour Policy for Non-University Groups

It is the policy of the CMU Library to welcome requests for tours from local junior high, high school, and community college classes and from other groups not formally affiliated with Central Michigan University. The library’s first responsibility is to CMU students, faculty, and staff. There may be times when our obligation to a university class or group prevents our being able to meet the tour needs of external groups. There may also be times during the academic year (for example, midterm and final examination periods) when we do not give tours to outside groups out of respect for the quiet study needs of our users. A tour can include an introduction to the physical library building as well as a general introduction to the library’s many resources and services. Tours can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a group. We have found that tours are most effective when groups do not exceed 25 individuals. If your group exceeds this number, we may ask to split it into two groups to allow us to provide better service to you. We also ask that an adult representative of the visiting school or organization remain with the group(s) during its visit to the library. For best results, please contact the library at least two weeks before the date you wish to have the tour. This gives us time to schedule and prepare for your event.

To schedule a tour of the CMU Library please contact the Research Help desk at or by calling (989) 774-3470

PLEASE NOTE: General tours of the university which include a visit to the library should be arranged through the CMU Admissions Office. Contact them at  or (989) 774‐3076.

Last Updated: 2/22/2017