Adobe Creative Campus

Central Michigan University is proud to be an Adobe Creative Campus!
This initiative empowers current CMU students, faculty and staff to expand their digital literacy skills, embark on a journey of lifelong learning, and achieve career goals. Adobe Creative Cloud is available to the university community at no cost. These tools enable users to design and create images, websites, videos, podcasts and more. 

Adobe’s creative apps are for everyone in every discipline!

Adobe Creative Cloud helps students in all disciplines develop digital literacy—the power to use digital tools to think critically, produce innovative projects, communicate more effectively, build their personal brands, and prepare for the challenges of an increasingly digital world.

These skills and tools will help launch your careers.

Use in your courses, registered student organizations, or personal interests.

We encourage you to explore the Adobe tools and play, be creative and learn.

Be Inspired

CMU Faculty, Staff and Students Using Adobe

  • Adobe Spark Page created by Leadership Institute Staff to welcome incoming LAS 2020 Students

  • Adobe Spark Page created by student and Teaching Assistant, Michael Ignat as a component of LDR 100 (intro class for all LAS students)

From the Adobe Community

  • -  An Adobe social media platform that showcases creative works.