Library Instruction

Information Literacy Instruction

The purpose of information literacy instruction is to help students engage in creative and critical thinking about research and information resources. It facilitates students’ development as knowledge creators, lifelong learners, and participants in academic and scholarly activity.

Librarian-led library instruction sessions help faculty integrate information literacy skills training into their course content in order to build students' research skills. These sessions are available to both face-to-face and online classes. A typical session includes:

  • An introduction to available library resources and services
  • An exploration of disciplinary databases, journals, and other tools
  • A discussion of appropriate sources and information credibility
  • Additional content tailored to specific class assignments and outcomes

Additionally, librarians will:

  • Provide intensive training on specific research tools (e.g. database, index, etc.)
  • Collaborate with instructors to design research assignments that utilize CMU Libraries resources and services
  • Host one-on-one research consultations to explore a topic area in depth (this is especially popular among upper-level undergraduates and graduate students)
  • Host orientation sessions for graduate and undergraduate programs
  • Work with faculty to build tailored research guides and learning objects in support of courses

The CMU Libraries incorporates elements from the Association of College & Research Libraries' Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education into its instruction efforts.

LIB 197: Introduction to Library Information Research

This one-credit, eight-week course is offered during fall and spring semesters. It provides instruction in the use of library resources and services as well as in larger concepts like the research process, the evaluation, and credibility of information, and utilizing resources beyond the library. This course can be a real help to students studying in research-intensive areas.

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Librarians have also created a number of online instructional tools: