Computers, Printing, and Software

Whether you need software, a computer, printer or scanner, we've got you covered. Discover the technology we've made available, as well as its location within the library.


Windows PC locations

  • All four floors of the Library.

Mac computers locations

  • First Floor Quiet Area.
  • 1 North Study Room.
  • Second Floor outside the Copeland Suite.

Software on our computers

If you need course-related software currently unavailable on library computers, please contact the helpdesk and submit a request that will be reviewed for consideration by the Office of Information Technology staff.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud:
    • ALL APPS are available on all Macs in the Library.
    • FREQUENTLY USED APPS are on PCs located throughout the building.
  • Metashape: Available on 5 MAC computers located within 1 North Study Room.
  • Bloomberg terminals:
    • 1 terminal is located within the 1 North Study Room.
    • 2 terminals are located on the 2nd floor of Park Library by the Copeland Suite.

Windows PCs

  • Windows 10 Operating System.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (FREQUENTLY USED APPS) include:
    - Photoshop
    - Illustrator
    - Premiere Rush
    - Premiere
    - Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
    - Dreamweaver
  • Citrix
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Eclipse
  • Edge
  • Lockdown Browser
  • Microsoft Office 2021 (Access, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Publisher, Teams, Word, Visio)
  • Minitab
  • MySQL Workbench
  • NVivo
  • Panopto Recorder
  • R Studio
  • SAP
  • SAS
  • SPSS Statistics
  • Virtual Lab (Through VMWare Horizon Client)
  • VLC
  • Webex
  • Windows Media Player

MAC computers

  • MacOS Operating System
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (ALL APPS) includes:
    - Photoshop
    - Illustrator
    - InDesign
    - Lightroom Classic
    - Premiere Pro
    - After Effects.
    - Dreamweaver
    - Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
    - Additional support apps
  • Firefox
  • Garage Band
  • Google Chrome
  • Lockdown Browser
  • Metashape (Run on 5 designated computers in 1 North Study Room)
  • Microsoft Office 2021 (Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Teams, Word)
  • Safari
  • Virtual Lab (Through VMWare Horizon Client)
  • VLC
  • Webex

PrintQ printing instructions

Print from any location in the library. Get a printer-friendly copy of the instructions.

Printing from a library computer

1. ‘PRINT' document and choose printer:

Black/White Printer (Choose one):

  • 2_Sided_Black_White (default).
  • 1_Sided_Black_White.

Color Printer (Choose one): 

  • 2_Sided_Color (8.5x11)
  • 1_Sided_Color (8.5x11)

2. Select PRINT’ and wait for the Print Job Notification screen.

3. When the box appears, select ‘PRINT’.

Printing from

1. Select ‘SUBMIT A JOB’ and choose printer:

       Black/White Printer (Choose one):
                  • 2_Sided_Black_White
                  • 1_Sided_Black_White

       Color Printer (Choose one):  
                  • 2_Sided_Color (8.5x11)
                  • 1_Sided_Color (8.5x11)
                  • 11x17_Color (11x17)

    • Enter number of copies.

                  • Choose ‘UPLOAD FROM COMPUTER’.
                  • Find document file.
                  • Select ‘UPLOAD & COMPLETE’.

4. The print has been successfully submitted.
      Go to the nearest Printer Release Station computer in the Library.

        •  Black/White printers are located on every floor.
        •  Color printers are located in the 1st Floor Quiet Area, 1 North Study Room, and on 2nd Floor.
         • All 11x17 color prints will ONLY release to the 2nd Floor Color Printer.

At the printer release station computer

5. Login with your Global ID and Password at the Printer Release Station Computer.

6. Choose your job and select 'PRINT'.

Allocations and costs

University students receive the following per semester allocations to be used in labs and at PrintQ locations across campus:
- Undergraduate students: $12.00
- Graduate students: $17.00

Per Page Printing Costs:

- Black and white 4¢ per page
- Color (8.5x11) 32¢ per page
- Color (11x17) 64¢ per page

Library printer locations

Use any PrintQ location to release your print job.

First floor
  • 1 North Study Room (Black/White, color).
  • Help Desk (Black/White).
  • Quiet Area (Black/White, Color).
Second floor
  • Near Adobe Digital Lounge (Black/White, Color).
Third floor
  • Near Group Study 303 (Black/White).
Fourth floor
  • Near Group Study 402 (Black/White).

Public printing

Get a printer-friendly copy of the instructions.

  • USB/flash drives are needed to print and are available at the Checkout Desk.​
  • You can access any computer on the second, third or fourth floor with your daily login and password to save your document on a USB/flash drive.
  • Public printers are located on second floor, near the Adobe Digital Lounge.
  • Double sided copying/printing is available. Cost is per side.
  • Files must be PDF.
  • 8.5 x ​11​ page size.
  • A change machine for $1 and $5 bills is located on the second floor near the printers.
  • Assistance with printing is available at the Checkout Desk.
  • Black-and-white prints cost $0.10 per page, and Color prints cost $0.30 per page​.

How to print a webpage and save as PDF

  • Open the menu in the browser (upper right of screen).
  • Select 'print'.
  • Select either 'Save as PDF' or 'Microsoft Print to PDF', depending on browser.
  • Click 'OK' or 'Save'.
  • Select USB Drive, Name file.
  • Under file name, make sure file type is PDF.
  • Click 'Save'.
  • Take USB to second floor, print document.​

​​How to create a PDF (Microsoft)

  • Select 'File', (upper left hand corner).
  • Click on Print.
  • Select printer 'Microsoft Print to PDF'.
  • Click on Print at top of page.
  • In window, select 'USB Drive'
  • Name file, make sure file type is PDF.
  • Click 'Save'.
  • Take USB to second floor, print document.​


The library has:

  • Three scanners near browsing collection on the second floor.
  • Two scanners on the first floor, one in the quiet area printer alcove and another in the 1 North Study Room.
  • Public printer/copiers which can scan to a USB, located on the second floor near the Adobe Digital Lounge.

Patrons can scan, save and email their documents free of charge. Printing can be done at a charge.

The Checkout desk can provide assistance. ​​