Study Space Policies

1 North Study Room Policies and Procedures


  • The 1 North Study Room is reserved for use by currently enrolled CMU students as well as CMU faculty and staff.
    - CMU Emeriti may request access by contacting the Libraries’ Business Office, x6415 or x3500.
    - Each person in your party needs to have their own working CentralCard.
    - Guests are not permitted.
    - Minors not enrolled at CMU are not permitted.
  • You will only be permitted to enter with a working CentralCard.
             - Each person needs to use their own CentralCard for entry.
             - Do not prop the doors open.
             - Do not open the door for others.

  • A CentralCard is required to access the Extended Hours Study Room at all times. No exceptions.

  • Users must adhere to all Library policies and to the student code of conduct.

  • Food and beverage ARE PERMITTED in the 1 North Study Room.

  • Restrooms, vending, and water are located in the Ponder Coffee area.

  • Library Staff may ask patrons to present a working CentralCard at any time.

  • Hours of operation are subject to change due to holidays, semester breaks, inclement weather and unforeseen circumstances. 

  • The 1 North Study Room is not a silent study space. Students are expected to monitor themselves to maintain an atmosphere conducive to study. Groups are encouraged to use the Ponder Coffee
    seating area.

Procedures and Additional Information

  • Regular library services are limited when the main building is closed. Library questions and help desk tickets may be submitted online and will be answered during regular service hours.

  • Cleaning services will take place during late evening/early morning hours. Vacuum cleaners are low decibel.

  • Library doors are locked ten minutes before closing.

Study Room Policies

  • Only current Central Michigan University faculty, staff, emeritus and students are allowed to use Study Rooms.  You may be asked to show a valid CMU ID card at any time.

  • Group study rooms are designated for group study only, not individual use. You will be asked to vacate the room and your study room privileges will be ​lost if you are using the room individually. 

  • Individual study rooms are designated for individual use only. You will be asked to vacate the room if you are using the room for group study.

  • Rooms are to be used for academic purposes and quiet collaboration.  They are not to be used for social gatherings, non-academic projects, classes, meetings, etc.

  • Rooms are not soundproof and users should be considerate of others and keep noise at a moderate level.

  • These spaces follow the Libraries’ Food and Beverage Policy.

  • Please do not leave the items unattended. The library is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

  • Room layout should not be altered.  Extra furniture is not allowed.

  • Room must be vacated fifteen minutes before the library closes.

Revised 10/2021

Family Study Room Policies

  • Eligible users may use the room only when their children are with them. 
  • The room is available for registered users on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations are not available for this room. 
  • This space is a shared space that may accommodate more than one family. The maximum capacity of the room is 8 people.  
  • The room is not soundproof. Remind your children to respect others who are studying nearby by using a quiet voice. 
  • Please leave the room clean and orderly. Put away toys and books after use. 
  • If you bring books to the room from the library’s collection, you may leave them on a table in the room, and we will retrieve them during our regular book pick-up rounds. Or, you may leave them on any table or carrel in the 1st floor study area. 
  • Parents or caregivers are responsible for their children’s safety and behavior. Children may not be left alone in the room for any reason at any time. 
  • Drinks with lids and small snacks are allowed in the library building. Please clean up small spills. Cleaning spray and paper towels are available in the cupboard by the door for adult use only. If custodial services are needed, please scan the QR code posted on the wall by the door to report the matter. 
  • The family study room is not a meeting or event room. Students, faculty, and staff may reserve the Strosacker room or the Opperman auditorium for meetings or events.
  • See Children in the Library Policy for more information about using the library building. 

Revised 1/23