Adobe Creative Jam

In the Fall of 2022, CMU hosted the CMU Adobe Creative Jam. About 200 faculty, staff, and students registered for the kick-off event that was conducted on September 14th. Throughout the event, in-person and virtual attendees were introduced to and obtained training on how to use Adobe Premiere Rush, a video editing software, by an Adobe trainer.

At the end of the session, the theme “The CMU Experience” was announced and discussed, and participants were challenged to create a one-minute or less video that portrayed their CMU experience. Over the next two weeks, novice and experienced creators submitted videos. We are excited to share the winners with you!

Novice Student Creator – Winner 

My Animated CMU Experience (So Far),
by Anna Diegel

About Anna Diegel

Anna Diegel Winner of the Novice Student Creator category in the 2022 CMU Adobe Creative Jam

Anna is a freshman majoring in animation and minoring in game design. Judges recognized her video as the winner in this category thanks to Anna’s creativity, linear storytelling, relatability, pacing, and extra effort.   

When asked about her experience as a participant in the Adobe Creative Jam, Anna replied, “This was actually one of the first animations I’ve done. I’m honestly surprised I was able to finish, and I have to give credit to Adobe [Premiere Rush]! It’s so easy and efficient!! Thank you to everyone who helped make this event happen! It was loads of fun!”  

Anna shared that she just started using Adobe software this year and especially enjoys Photoshop and Illustrator. She plans to work more with each and wants to get better at storytelling and using visual elements. “I need to keep working on it, and winning this contest is a reminder that I am getting better.” 

Experienced Student Creator – Winner

A Month at Central, by Romel'O Ellis

About Romel'O Ellis

Romel'O Ellis Winner of the Experienced Student Creator category in the 2022 CMU Adobe Creative Jam

Romel’O (Melo) transferred to CMU this fall (2022), entering as a junior and majoring in computer science. His video was recognized as the winner of the Experienced Student Creator category based on how well it portrayed his first month as part of the CMU community. He noted that he used to favor more powerful video editing tools, but after seeing the Adobe trainer work his magic with Rush, it opened his mind to a new simple, but powerful, editing software.  

Judges complimented Melo’s composition, use of slow motion, pace, and eclectic collection of scenarios. One judge wrote, “The CMU Experience is in community, and you aced this.” 

When asked about his overall Jam experience, Melo said, “I was extremely motivated to enter this contest once I heard the theme. In the back of my head, I had already wanted to do a recap of my first month here since I’m a transfer student. I record videos of the things around me all the time, so I had a lot of material to work with already. This contest pushed me to turn all my great footage into something.” 

Novice Student Creator –
Honorable Mention

My CMU Experience, by Samantha Hutter

About Samantha Hutter

Samantha Hutter Winner of an Honorable Mention Award within the Novice Student Creator category in the 2022 CMU Adobe Creative Jam

Samantha is in her sophomore year majoring in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts with a minor in Advertising. Her video earned an Honorable Mention Award within the Novice Student Creator category. Judges commended Samantha’s honesty and willingness to share her true feelings and experiences as a student throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, the judges appreciated her effort in planning, costume changes, composition, and emotion.

Samantha shared, “I didn’t think I was going to win because I felt like I didn’t show CMU in a good light, but I worked really hard on it and spent a lot of hours on it.” She continues to learn and grow her skillsets with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. 

Novice Staff Creator – Winner

My Student, by Lisa Wilczak

About Lisa Wilczak

Lisa Wilczak Winner of the Novice Staff Creator category in the 2022 CMU Adobe Creative Jam

Lisa Wilczak works as a Collection Development Specialist on the Acquisitions and Resource Management team within CMU Libraries. She is also the guru behind the Libraries’ social media accounts. Most importantly, Lisa is a CMU student's proud parent.   

Jam judges selected Lisa’s video as the winner in this category thanks to her inclusion of still images, video, complex audio, storytelling, composition, and all-around creativity. As part of Lisa’s submission, she noted, “I've always loved working on projects like this. I can get lost in it for hours. I had a good time learning Rush, looking at old photos, interviewing my student, and putting it all together.” Additionally, Lisa shared, “My child has always been an artist, and creativity is their life. In 2019, they received an academic scholarship to CMU where they are transforming their passion into a future profession. I am so proud of them and their growth at CMU, where they can become the person they are meant to be.” This proud parent is also artistic and growing her digital literacy skills. 

Wilczak looks forward to using her newfound skills and prize equipment when creating future social media content. She is also excited to learn more about Adobe Premiere Pro and using the audio equipment in the sound booth within the Adobe Digital Lounge. 

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