Transformative Agreements

The CMU Libraries has signed transformative agreements with the journal publishers listed below. Under these agreements, the article processing charges (APCs) normally associated with publishing an article in these publishers’ journals are waived. There is no cost to CMU authors upon either submission or publication, and the resulting article will be published in an open format. Meaning as soon as it is published, the article will be fully available worldwide for researchers and students to read, cite, and share.

If a CMU author is one of multiple authors on an article, all APC charges will be waived if the CMU author is the corresponding author or if one of the other authors is from an institution whose library has signed a similar APC waiver agreement with these publishers. If the corresponding author is not from an institution with a waiver agreement, the authors will be responsible for all applicable APCs.

Articles included in these agreements are published under a Creative Commons CC-BY license. The publishers assume the right to publish the work in their journals, but all rights beyond this remain with the author(s).

acs logo with the letters acs sitting within a blue triangle on the bottom, and a yellow bird on top.


American Chemical Society-  CMU has an agreement with the ACS through the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services which allows CMU authors to publish freely and openly in many ACS journals.

acm in white text on a blue diamond shaped background. A white circle surrounds the letters.


Association for Computing Machinery – CMU authors can publish without APCs in the 70 ACM journal from this list. 

Cambridge University Press Logo shield design in red, gold, black, and white.


Cambridge University Press – CMU authors can publish without charges in more than 400 CUP journals. Follow the prompts at the link to see a list of the journals included in this agreement.

Red letters IOP with Institute of Physics typed out in black under the red letters


Institute of Physics – CMU authors can publish freely in the more than 50 journals in Lists A, B, and D.