Griffin Courses

Michigan politics and elections

PSC 300
Gain an inside perspective into the workings of Michigan politics. Become familiar with Michigan’s elections and campaign processes, including judicial and referenda campaigns. Examine the Michigan public policy process and the channels and institutions that help to shape public policy in Michigan. Develop a campaign election plan for a seat in the Michigan House of Representatives. Do all this when you take Michigan Politics and Elections. Plus, take part in an evaluation of the public opinion, interest group advocacy, the effects of political leadership, and the roles of various state institutions.

Prerequisites: PSC 105 or PSC 261

Law and policy in Michigan state government

PSC 301
Study the current public policy issues facing the Michigan state government and learn how policy is made through the interaction of the public, political leadership, political institutions, interest groups and the media. You'll lead and discuss issues in discussion groups and will take a field trip to Lansing to see your coursework in action.

Prerequisites: PSC 105 or PSC 261