Pre-Law Center

The Central Michigan University Pre-Law Center is here to advise and assist students and alumni alike in the preparation for careers in law. The Center has many resources available for pre-law students from all majors and disciplines across CMU.

The CMU Pre-Law Center provides many services, including:

  • Pre-Law Advising
  • Law School Visits
  • Law School Application Assistance
  • LSAT Practice and Preparation
  • Alumni Panels and Networking Events
  • Info on Law Schools, Scholarships, and Other Resources
  • Networking with Peers
  • Pre-Law Student Organizations
  • And more

All you need to do for access to these valuable resources is to subscribe to the pre-law email list, which you can do on the Pre-Law Center's website. You will receive a weekly newsletter with information about upcoming events, workshops, law courses, and information about law schools, LSAT prep, student organizations, and more.

Pre-Law Center's website

Advising Appointment

You should also plan to meet with Kyla Stepp, CMU’s Pre-Law Advisor, for crucial pre-law advising as soon as possible, and at least once per semester. You can make an appointment with Kyla using her online appointment scheduling link below.

Schedule Advising Appointment