Pre-Law Center

The Central Michigan University Pre-Law Center is here to advise and assist students and alumni alike in the preparation for careers in law. The Center has many resources available for pre-law students from all majors and disciplines across CMU.

The CMU Pre-Law Center provides many services, including:

  • Pre-Law Advising
  • Law School Visits
  • Law School Application Assistance
  • LSAT Practice and Preparation
  • Alumni Panels and Networking Events
  • Info on Law Schools, Scholarships, and Other Resources
  • Networking with Peers
  • Pre-Law Student Organizations
  • Information about the Public Law minor at CMU
  • And more

All you need to do for access to these valuable resources is to subscribe to the pre-law email list, which you can do on the Pre-Law Center's blog. You will receive a weekly newsletter with information about upcoming events, workshops, law courses, and information about law schools, LSAT prep, student organizations, and more.

Advising appointment

You should also plan to meet with Kyla Stepp, CMU’s Pre-Law Advisor, for crucial pre-law advising as soon as possible, and at least once per semester. You can make an appointment with Kyla using her online appointment scheduling link below.

Schedule Advising Appointment

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