Writing Center Services, Hours and Location

The Writing Center offers free face-to-face and online services to all CMU students enrolled in any undergraduate or graduate course and for CMU faculty and staff.  Writing Center peer consultants can provide feedback on writing projects of any kind, at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to final editing.

Face-to-face services

Face-to-face sessions are available by appointment in Park Library 360. Appointments are 50 minutes and can be made by calling the location you wish to visit, booking an appointment through the WCONLINE link below, or by dropping in to check for availability. This service works well for brainstorming and developing ideas, integrating sources, and talking through writing challenges. Don't forget to bring any helpful materials to your session, such as assignment guidelines. Computers and printers are available at both locations for those with appointments.

NOTE: Face-to-face sessions are NOT available during Summer 2022. Our physical location in Park Library is closed for Summer 2022. The summer hours for online services are limited and varied. Please see WCONLINE for availability.

Guidelines and policies

  • Masks must be properly worn at all times by all persons in the Writing Center. The Writing Center is AN INSTRUCTIONAL SPACE. Accordingly, face coverings, such as masks, and appropriate social distancing are required. Students who have forgotten their face coverings may obtain a disposable mask from one of the 40 vending areas on campus or a free mask from the dean's office in each academic college, the information desk in the Bovee University Center, or residence hall front desks. Students whose unique and individual circumstances require an alternative face covering, as indicated by a medical condition, may request one. To request an alternative, students should contact Student Disability Services (SDS). Refusing to wear a mask in any an instructional space without an accommodation letter from Student Disability Services is a violation of university regulations (section 3.2.31 of the Student Code of Conduct) and exposes the student to possible sanction for not adhering to university regulations. Refusing to maintain social distancing guidelines also violates the same university regulations. Students not adhering to the policy on face coverings or social distancing will be asked to leave the room. In addition, faculty and/or staff may file a report with the Office of Student Conduct.
  • You can make two scheduled face-to-face appointments per week limit; you can check back for drop-in availability.
  • Please call to cancel if you are unable to attend or may be late in arriving. Ten-minute grace period before the appointment is given away.

Park Library 360

Located on the third floor (south) of the Park Library
Phone: 989-774-2986

NOTE: Face-to-face sessions are NOT available during Summer 2022. Our physical location in Park Library is closed for Summer 2022. The summer hours for online services are limited and varied. Please see WCONLINE for availability.

Online services

Online etutoring draft review

50-minute asynchronous review of your draft. Appointments for these sessions are now made through our WCONLINE website. The draft for review must be uploaded at the time the appointment is made. You will not meet with a consultant during this time; a consultant will review your draft, provide written comments using Microsoft Word insert comments, and upload the commented draft to WCONLINE. This service works well if you have a nearly complete draft and have questions about specific areas, such as citation style, organization, and development; or, if you are looking for final editing and polishing tips.

Guidelines and policies

  • Two appointments per week limit.
  • Drafts are returned by the end of the day.
  • 50-minute session per submission. A 50-minute review generally covers 8 to 10 pages. Before booking and resubmitting longer papers, make applicable revisions to the remainder of the draft and indicate where consultants should resume the review.
  • Delete all comments before submitting.
  • Maximum document size is 10MB.

How to book an appointment and submit your draft

  • Click on the link below, select a day/time with a consultant available for eTutoring, and upload your draft.
  • Fill out the form completely, attach your document by clicking on the "Choose File" button, and then click "Create Appointment." NOTE: You must schedule an appointment for each submission.
  • Drafts are returned as a Word document through WCONLINE. You will receive a notification via email that the draft has been uploaded. Comments appear in the right margin.

Online one-to-one video conference via WCONLINE

50-minute online appointment in WCONLINE with a Writing Center consultant. In Online sessions, a consultant meets with you to discuss the draft; they do not provide written feedback on the draft. These sessions are like face-to-face sessions and work well when coming to our physical locations is difficult. Undergraduate (courses 100-400) and Graduate-level (500 and above) services available.

Guidelines and policies 

  • Two appointments per week limit.

How to book and attend your appointment

  • Click on the link below, and select a day/time with a consultant.
  • Fill out the form completely. You may choose to attach a draft, but it is not required. 
  • Log back in about 5 minutes before your session to join and meet with a consultant to discuss your draft.

Book an Appointment